What you can (not) do on social media

Our Marina explained for Lider that our communication on social networks reflects on the organization.




1. Would the minimum netiquette rules recommend to any domestic company that does not have the policy of using social networks from its employees?


I would suggest that such rules still arise, at least in the part related to company-related communications. The simplest rule is that before posting such posts, employees consult with the person in charge of the company's communication.



2. Did you encounter cases where individual employees negatively comment on corporate networks of company brands, provide company data or business relationships? Can you describe them and can you tell us how they are solved?


Given that we are serving a large number of companies in the domain of social networking, we have also encountered such cases. The described situations most often end up with a warning to an employee and removing the disputed post, but there were also extreme situations where an employee for an extremely serious harm to a company's image was fired. Posts from the ex employees can be very unpleasant, such as the case of a former Bellabeat employee who reported a series of unpleasant business information about the company. Such situations often end up with lawsuits.



3. In your opinion, do companies in the Croatia have good or are there any further room for their performance to be promoted in order to promote their brands on social network? What would you recommend them to?


The Croatian digital market already shows a certain maturity, although there is a lot of room for progress. I would reveal it to three basic elements:

1. production of quality, original content.

2. Encourage interaction with users.

3. the amount of the advertiser's budget.

I think every brand should be clear that only the combination of these three elements will bring a satisfactory presence and results on social networks. In what proportions the elements used will depend on the situation and the goals, but it is indisputable that constant optimization and strategic approach is needed.



4. What would you recommend to anyone, and especially to employees, before posting any content on social networks?


Employees, above all, would recommend that they consult with employees of the communications department before publishing any post related to the company they are working on and never announcing anything that could in any way undermine the reputation of their company or its partners. And I would generally say that people should think before posting something about whether this post offends someone or something bad about them. It should be borne in mind that every announcement is public in this way or that public networks are not inside your four walls.



5. What would be the worst domestic gaffe with social networks (related to business and in general)?


Social networks, especially Facebook, are an ideal place for all types of haters. Domestic public often expresses dissatisfaction with clumsy advertising, such as Saponia's advertisement related to the 2014 European Football Championship with the slogan "Behind every Croatian fan there is a woman." Sporadic was the content in which this imaginary woman behind a man (men) stands by regularly washing his clothes, while serving him and letting him to have fun with his (male) company. The Croatian government announced last week a tweet in which a congradulated on a good result and a Croatian record in the throwing of Sara Kolak's, which would be for any praise that this is not the result of a talented javelin thrower achieved last year. Speculated that the commentary on the "soft" coup on the celebration of Vatreni's welcome from the World Cup resulted losing a job for special advisor to the Prime Minister, Krešimir Macan. In the profession we like to say that content is king, but the context is a queen and it is the main word.



6. Which examples of good use of social networks in business in Croatia will you highlight as some of the best?


The first example is not from a business, but I think it's worth mentioning. The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) has extremely timely and thematically affected, authentic and humorous announcements on social networks, for which the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) awarded them with Grand PRix award. From brands, types of communication, quality of content and communication with customers, we can point out Pipi, Ožujsko and McDonald's and at corporate level in INA.