Will the trend of sustainable travel soon take root in Croatia?

In a wave of growing environmental awareness and with increasing demand for travel after the pandemic, the trend of sustainable travel is becoming increasingly popular.

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Written by: Anamarija Morić

In recent years, the way travelers think has changed, and the concept of sustainable travel has emerged as a result of travelers ’desire to mitigate the negative impact of tourism on the environment (or excessive tourism, in some cases). Along with the growing awareness of global environmental problems, now that the demand for travel is growing after our long-term opportunities to do so have been limited, this trend has become even more important.

The concept of sustainability when traveling

Sustainable tourism is a framework for involving travelers and the tourism industry in general in supporting objectives that include environmental protection, tackling climate change, responsible resource management, minimizing plastic consumption and contributing to economic development in local communities. A sustainable traveler or eco-conscious traveler, in turn, is a tourist who supports such goals and makes individual choices in line with sustainable tourism practices. To find out how familiar our social media community is with this trend and what it looks like in practice, this was exactly the topic of our latest VoxPopuli survey.

Croatian travelers are not sufficiently familiar with sustainable travel

According to our June survey, we found out that 68% of Instagram respondents are familiar with the concept of sustainable travel and we asked the same question on our LinkedIn profile and received the answer that 43% of respondents do not know about the concept of sustainable travel, 39% know it and 17% partially knows what sustainable travel is. Of the total number of respondents on Instagram who were shown to be more familiar with this concept, only 30% were in a sustainable type of facility.

When it comes to choosing accommodation when traveling, respondents are divided and 45% of them pay attention to the specification of sustainability, while 100% of respondents said that when looking for accommodation for the new year they will pay attention to the facility’s sustainability standards. When it comes to accommodation prices, 84% of them believe that the sustainability label will cause prices to rise. In light of the unfavorable economic developments caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, primarily galloping inflation, it remains to be seen whether this will reflect a slowdown in the trend of the popularity of sustainable travel.

Sustainability is the future of Croatian tourism

As travelers and tourists, we must take responsibility for advocating sustainable travel and tourism in Croatia to follow world trends, as well as to preserve our sea, vegetation and other environmental reasons. Unfortunately, Croatia still does not have a significant number of sustainable facilities, which was confirmed by the respondents, 92%. Some of the sustainable destinations mentioned by the respondents are mainly islands (Krk, Cres and Rab) and accommodations around national parks. All respondents, 100% of them, believe that the number of sustainable accommodations in Croatia should be increased, and 79% of them agree that the sustainability is the future of Croatian tourism.

The results of the VoxPopuli survey on this popular topic are very encouraging and show that people believe in the trend of sustainable travel and want to practice it as much as possible. In order to remain relevant, different stakeholders in the Croatian tourism industry need to understand the meaning of sustainable travel and adapt to meet the changing expectations of a growing segment of environmentally conscious travelers. We hope for a better future and more opportunities for green and sustainable travel in our homeland.


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