5 most important conclusions from the Instagram Trend Report 2023

From Instagram’s trend report for 2023, we found out what Generation Z sees as the most important topics and how this will be reflected through content on the platform.

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

In the latest report on trends, Instagram presented a kind of socio-cultural guide to Generation Z. Research was conducted among 1,200 users of social networks between the ages of 16 and 24 across the USA. From fashion and beauty, to sustainability and environmental issues, to the metaverse and content creators, we found out what will shape communication on this platform in the upcoming months. Below, we have extracted five most important conclusions from the report.


1. DYI clothes is good for the environment, but for the wallet too


Issues in the domain of climate change and environmental protection are high on the list of priorities of Generation Z. Not only are they informed, they’re acting too. Since they are aware how the fashion industry is one of the biggest environmental polluters in the world, DIY clothing is becoming an increasingly attractive option to Gen Z members. More than half of the young Genzennials who were a part of the research, plan to make some kind of DIY garment this year. Not only is it an excellent alternative to fast fashion, but also a response to rising prices and situations when they can’t afford something. It is also a great opportunity to express themselves creatively.


2. Climate change also affects the purchase of beauty products


Environmental issues have a significant impact on what is important to Generation Z’s about care and beauty products as well. This is especially emphasized when it comes to the impact of climate change on extreme temperatures and weather. Two out of three members of Generation Z included in the research plan to buy a skin care product that protects against the negative effects of sun exposure and air pollution.


3. Influence spills over from virtual to the real world


Expression of individuality, equality and acceptance of diversity are equally important to members of Generation Z both in the real and virtual world. As many as two-thirds of Gen Z members in research believe that virtual avatars should better reflect different body shapes, skin color and clothes.

For Gen Z, it is also not uncommon to find inspiration on what to wear or how to put on makeup in the online world. Not only do they already follow virtual influencers on social networks, but approximately half of the research participants will be inspired by their examples when it comes to fashion and beauty.


4. From hobby to source of income


Almost two-thirds of members of Generation Z plans to make money this year through social networks. It seems how something that was previously characteristic for content creators only, has become interesting for ordinary users as well. While they are turning Instagram use from a hobby into a source of income, the results of the research conducted by the platform confirm the entrepreneurial spirit and initiative that this generation is known for.

It can be said that 2023 is the year in which Gen Z will somehow transform digital skills into financial skills. Data from the research supports the fact that new skills are indeed becoming more and more important to young people. More than 85% of members of Generation Z plan to learn a new skill this year. One out of four teenagers among social network users wants to improve their level of financial literacy.


5. Gen Z wants to meet with their Instagram role models


Among the trends that are particularly important for content creators is the desire of young Genzennials to make personal contact with them. Gen Z members want to get to know them, not only through the content they follow on influencers’ online profiles, but also in the real world. According to the research, almost a third of research participants looks forward to some form of live interaction with content creators. This year we could therefore see more gatherings such as meet ups with influencers and socializing through lectures, workshops or other formats.

According to the Genzennials included in the research, content creators should also try out some new formats. Podcasts are the best example, since more than 40% of them want to hear their favorite content creators and influencers on social networks through this format.


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