A campaign that brought back energy

In the campaign for launching NIVEA Q10 ENERGY product line, we used various PR tools, event management, influencer marketing and digital tools.

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Written by: Nina Marković

NIVEA Q10 Energy line includes Q10 ENERGY anti-wrinkle ampoules for intensive care, Q10 ENERGY day and night cream and Q10 Energy Sheet mask with a new, improved formula containing three antioxidants for natural facial glow: vitamin C, 100% identical skin Q10 and vitamin E. Each product provides the skin with the necessary hydration, radiant and healthy appearance, smoothes thin lines and wrinkles and alleviates the tired appearance of the skin, which we communicated to the target audience through two phases of the campaign.


We paid attention to detail

In the first phase, we organized an event for lifestyle media, paying special attention to the invitation phase: all invited, the day before the event, received an original press kit containing NIVEA Q10 Energy products, a piece of cake with dark chocolate and orange flavour (which is one of the fragrant ingredients of new Q10 line), a small bottle of champagne (colour matched the products) and a trendy mini cosmetic refrigerator suitable for storing skin care products.

With a great response from 44 media representatives, we were the first in the beauty / skincare category to organize this type of press event. The main stars of the virtual gathering were brand manager Anita Bogataj Melihen, Pilates instructor Jelena Orešković and actress and presenter Doris Pinčić. Among other things, we did facial exercises together at the event, which, in combination with NIVEA Q10 Energy products, help the skin regain energy and radiant glow.


Filter-reinforced influencers

The second phase of communication involved an influencer campaign in which Doris Pinčić participated again, along with Lana Klingor Mihić, Andrea Andrassy, Lidija Šeatović, Petra Mamić, Matea Miljan, Donna Lugonja and Marina Karatović Mišura. Our main goal was to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Influencers combined classic Instagram posts, Instagram rells and story posts in which they first showed the new NIVEA products and explained their benefits, and later told their experiences and impressions after using them.

On the occasion of the campaign, we also made a specially designed NIVEA Q10 Energy filter, with which influencers showed their followers what their skin can look like if they use NIVEA Q10 Energy products regularly.


The results

In the influencer campaign on social media, we reached almost 240,000 people, collected more than 10,000 likes and almost 100 comments. The average engagement rate was a high 15.11%.

During the campaign, we made a total of 83 posts on social networks, which resulted in a value of over 35,000 euros, while in the leading lifestyle media we made 41 posts, and a potential reach of 2,656,702.


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