More and more Croatian companies are deciding to publish news about today’s most important topic.

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Companies from almost all sectors have taken seriously the problems we are facing in the area of environmental and nature protection, both globally and locally. Through THE GREEN HUB platform, in cooperation with partners, in the first half of this year, a series of actions and educations were carried out that contributed to the preservation of nature and the awareness of the employees of some of the leading Croatian companies about the importance of sustainable living and business activities. 

Examples for inspiration and action 

Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska, which has been trying to respond to the socio-ecological challenges surrounding us for years through the “Yellow Goes Green” project, conducted a series of trainings called “GREEN DAYS in RBA”. With an excellent response from employees, topics such as the problem of excessive food waste, the challenges associated with excessive meat consumption and the dangers associated with excessive greenhouse gas emissions were covered. Education continues in the autumn cycle. 

Franck, company led by the principles of sustainability and responsibility in its business, organized a visit to OPG Mihaljević for its employees and planted honey plants, while INA, company which has systematic management of environmental protection as integral business policy, conducted education on the importance of bees for biological diversity, and built two bee hotels. 

We are looking forward to new activities during autumn and new partners who will show that the protection of the environment and nature is really “alive”. 


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