Best bloggers and brands awarded at DIABLOG

Ella Dvornik awarded as best influencer.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

The second DIABLOG conference has been marked by the award ceremony for the best bloggers in the gastro, beauty, fashion and travel categories and best brands and influencers

According to the votes of bloggers who took part in the second survey of the blog scene in Croatia, carried out by Dialog komunikacije Agency in October 2017, the best blogger in the Gastro category was Sanja Mijac of Domaćica blog. The best blogger in the Beauty category was Maruša Plenkovic of Beatyblogette, Matea Frajsberger of Click4Chick won the best blogger in the Fashion category and Ella Dvornik of I am Ella won the best blogger in the Travel category.

The bloggers also voted for the best brand in 2017. Most votes went to Avon, Dukat and Essence.

The results of the first survey of local influencers were also presented at DIABLOG conference; Ella Dvornik was voted as the Best Influencer. adidas received most votes in the Brand category.

This survey was also carried out by Dialog komunikacije, and it showed certain differences between bloggers and influencers. Most influencers consider their online channel as a job (52,4 %) and they all profit from it, the influencers unlike bloggers are followed by both men and women. They post more on their online channels (more than 15 posts a month), and majority of them post in Croatian and English (76%). More than third of all surveyed (35%) collaborate continuously with 2-3 brands, and earn more than 7 500 HRK a month (30%).

Their message to the brands was to have bigger budgets for marketing influencers and to choose their partners carefully because the friends for hire and mismatched content are the biggest problem in the industry.


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