Campaigns in the metaverse that caught our attention

The metaverse is expanding, and more and more brands are investing their creative efforts to become a part of that virtual world.

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Written by: Marko Sitar

Metaverse, often considered the Internet of the future, is developing rapidly and is becoming the leader of innovation, experimentation and new opportunities for users, as well as brands that are carefully entering this world to get familiar with it and encounter a new market. Although it is currently still in the development phase, to become more immersive and thus attract as many users as possible, it is predicted that by the end of 2024 the value of the metaverse will amount to over 80 billion US dollars.

The metaverse is going mainstream

Many brands have already started with their marketing strategies and campaigns to better understand the potential that this virtual world brings, but also the users who stay there to play, network, or even earn money. Meta opened its first physical stores where it offers users equipment and gadgets to access the metaverse, which we wrote about in May of this year.

All marketing experts agree that mateverse is not an instant trend, it is something that should be entered into strategically and thoughtfully. The fact is, as the metaverse becomes more mainstream, more people will spend time consuming content and buying virtual goods, which ultimately presents more opportunities for brands to launch campaigns now to meet new audiences and generate more revenue.

Below we bring you several campaigns of brands that have already recognized the potential of the metaverse and set out to conquer the virtual market.





Source: Wien Tourismus



At the end of 2021, the famous sports footwear brand Nike launched NIKELAND, an interactive world where visitors can play games and indulge in a sports lifestyle. NIKELAND is located on the metaverse platform Roblox, and the expansion of the market into the digital world has allowed the company to attract even more fans of its brand.

NIKELAND is a digital community that features a variety of sports-inspired games and gives users the ability to customize their avatar and style it in NIKE apparel and footwear.

In December 2021, NIKE acquired RTFKT, a studio specializing in NFT sneakers and avatar accessories. With this acquisition, the company has made it clear that it is investing its creative efforts in expanding its presence throughout the metaverse.





Source: Roblox


Pixel flavored drink

Coca-Cola has been engaging with the metaverse since its development, and in May of this year it launched its new product Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte – a drink inspired by the metaverse with a pixel flavor. Coca-Cola has been creating innovative products with new flavors for some time, and the new Byte is a continuation of the Coca-Cola Creations series, which includes, among other things, Coke with the taste of space.

But before it appeared in real life, Coca-Cola Byte existed on the island of Pixel Point in the video game Fortnite. Also, Coca-Cola had a very interesting campaign in which they sold their NFT products in the form of digital clothing in a virtual auction for World Friendship Day.





Source: Game Rant


Metaverse Fashion Week

The first “Metaverse Fashion Week” took place in March of this year on the Decentraland platform and brought numerous brands from the world of fashion and design such as Burrbery, Dolce&Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Forever 21, Perry Ellis and many others. The event presented the latest fashion collections of well-known brands with the possibility of purchasing items in virtual or physical form. Together with fashion shows, various virtual exhibitions were organized as part of Metaverse Fashion Week, and every evening after the show, guests could relax and “network” at a virtual after party.





Source: BTCC


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