Ten Years Together

In the digital campaign for the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia, we marked 10 years of Croatia’s membership in the EU and showed how the EU has changed our lives for the better.


Good product is not difficult to sell

In less than a month, we gained 168 posts, over 70 % of which were “organic”


Sustainability is officially “in”

In a campaign for our client Booking.com we have presented sustainable travel from different angles and via different formats.

How to bring the specifications of the new leading model of mobile photography closer to the public?

A year after introducing the vivo brand to the Croatian market, the campaign for their latest flagship X90 Pro ended.

How to do something good for the planet and impress your mother-in-law at the same time

On the occasion of Earth Day, in a fun way with influencers, we increased environmental awareness among their followers and inspired them to contribute to the preservation of the planet with small actions.

How to launch a successful regional campaign?

Careful planning, a regional event and the engagement of 30 well-chosen influencers led to the goal.

We sharpened our pencils and took part in #EUPopUp quizzes

We invited all connoisseurs of European interesting facts and fans of quizzes to apply for participation in the #EuPopUp quizzes and test their knowledge about the EU!

Let the trends work in your favor!

By relying on three channels – media and Instagram and TikTok through cooperation with influencers, we presented the new NIVEA Cellular 3 in 1 concealer for the care of the eye area.

How to Reach Target Group With a Press Release

We have achieved ambitious goals with a classic PR campaign through careful planning and various press release content.

We have presented Ecover – rebel in the cleaning category

We have joined the clean world revolution by presenting a brand of sustainable cleaning products through an integrated campaign.