Formula for eternal youth and successful market launch

We presented the new NIVEA Cellular Expert Lift product line to the media and influencers with a retro 80’s event concept.

Creative video format for the promotion of European Commission policies

We spent the last days of summer filming #EUtalks – a kind of walk&talk show in which we talked about current topics and policies that European Commission deals with.

Pearls as an inspiration in communication

With the campaign for the new line of NIVEA products we covered both Croatian and Serbian markets.

Cross-sharing content for the successful launch of NIVEA natural cosmetics line

With a campaign on Instagram and TikTok, we presented NIVEA MagicBAR Face Cleansing Bar syndets

How does it look like when influencers promote health

The educational campaign #LoveHealth gathered 12 people from public life

Exclusive NIVEA SUN summer picnic

We presented new NIVEA Sun products in a big campaign and at an intimate gathering in the garden of the Academy of Fine Arts

Video inspiration for beautiful skin and maximum self-confidence

Young entrepreneurs in the NIVEA campaign revealed what motivates them and what is the key of their success in the world of entrepreneurship.

Alliance for healthier future

Nestlé for Healthier Kids is one of the most significant projects focusing on contributing to a healthier future of children, implemented through a range of programs that promote healthier lifestyle globally.

A campaign that brought back energy

In the campaign for launching NIVEA Q10 ENERGY product line, we used various PR tools, event management, influencer marketing and digital tools.

We chose green

An educational campaign that reminded us of the importance of preserving the environment and sustainable living.