CEOs’ influence on social media

In our latest Vox populi survey, respondents mentioned Mate Rimac and Tomislav Car as a good examples of directors’ communication on social media.

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Written by: Tea Tizaj

We conducted our Vox populi survey on a sample of more than 100 people to investigate whether and to what extent the presence and active engagement of directors on social media affects the overall image of the company. When asked whether CEOs should actively use social media, most respondents said yes. Moreover, it is interesting to note that only 11% of respondents gave priority to Facebook, while the rest favored being active on LinkedIn as as the leading B2B social network. According to the respondents, in general, time is a key obstacle for more active communication of directors on social networks.

The “human face” of the company

Approximately 80% of respondents believe that directors who actively use social media represent the “human face” of the company, have an impact on both the image of their company and the engagement of their employees, and attract new talent to the organization. However, the mere fact that they are active on social media does not mean that they are better leaders. The above point is where the respondents’ opinions were divided equally.

A very high percentage of respondents agree that the directors’ activity on social media brings more benefits to companies (96%), as well as that it presents more opportunities than risks for directors (86%) and gives them better insight into business trends (100%).

Presence of CEOs of Croatian companies on social media

When it comes to “social CEOs” in Croatia, the respondents gave a slight advantage to women (54%) compared to men (46%). Among the platforms used by the directors of Croatian companies, the most popular ones are Facebook and LinkedIn. Through the survey, we were also able to find out which directors are successfully at communicating. The respondents mentioned Mato Rimac, director and founder of the companies Rimac Automobili and Greyp Bikes, as well as Tomislav Car, co-founder and director of the company Infinum.

The role of directors in active and open communication is becoming increasingly important. Almost all respondents of the survey agreed that active use of social media by directors contributes to the transparency of the company (92%). One can therefore assume that the trend of “social CEOs” will only grow in the future. Despite the lack of time, and perhaps even knowledge, they have no choice but to choose the most appropriate networks and content for their company and sail the turbulent sea of social media as ultimately, there are multiple benefits to being active there.





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