ChatGPT on trends in PR

We asked artificial intelligence to highlight three main trends in PR. Here are the answers we received!

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Written by: Marko Sitar

Ever since it appeared, everybody has been talking about it. Some reject it and resist it, while others use it as a useful ally and assistant in their daily work. It is ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence system owned by OpenAI that can solve almost any task and answer almost any question. Currently, there are two versions of ChatGPT available – the GPT-3.5 version, which can be used for free, and the more advanced GPT-4 version, that provides more secure and efficient responses at a subscription fee.

We asked ChatGPT 3.5 to reveal to us the current top three trends in the PR industry. Below, find out what answers we got and whether we agree with them:


1. Digitalization and technological innovations – the increasing integration of digital tools into PR strategies and the use of social media, virtual conferences, and online collaboration with influencers.

Our opinion: This trend in the communication industry is no longer a big novelty. We have long shifted towards digital media, social networks, and all the innovations that the digital era, in which we live, brings with it. Our task as communication professionals is to adapt to its development, closely monitor it, and keep up with digital tools that can help us deliver our message to the target audience more quickly and efficiently.


2. Authenticity and transparency – focus on honesty, avoiding exaggerating or hiding the brand’s shortcomings.

Our opinion: we absolutely agree with this! Transparent and open communication with the audience is now more than ever crucial for creating trust. Avoiding platitudes and worn-out slogans is more than desirable, because in addition to contributing to the creation of a sincere relationship with the audience, in this way the brand will build its authenticity and positioning.


3. Sustainability and social responsibility – communication activities are increasingly focused on sustainable practices, environmental protection initiatives and social engagement.

Our opinion: we agree! Socially responsible business should be the basis of every company, and the responsibility of the communication industry is to market credible information that will contribute to creating a positive image of the company. When communicating sustainable practices, there are many pitfalls that companies often stumble upon in their communication, so it is important that they approach their social engagement carefully and with full integrity.


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