Cookie policy


Cookies are small packages of data sent from the server to the User’s computer, and they serve as an anonymous identifier and enable collection of statistical data about the User’s behavior on a website (e.g. on which parts of the website the users stay the longest and on which the shortest), which Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox) is being used, etc.

The purpose of cookies is to enhance user experience when using a website. The information collected by cookies also enable website improvement by estimating the quantity and patterns of utilization, website’s suitability for the User’s individual needs, faster searches, etc. For example, they are being used in order to memorize your personal settings while you are browsing through the website and during your future visits.

We do not store any sensitive personal information, such as your address, password and other information, through the cookies we use.

The information stored in the cookies are used solely by us, with the exception of those that are described hereafter as “third-party cookies”, and they are used and managed by external legal persons for the purpose of providing services we ask for in order to improve our services and User experience when browsing through our website. These “third-party cookies” are mostly being used to collect usage statistics and to guarantee payment transactions in case of their execution.

The User receives detailed information about the cookies we are using on the website when they visit our webpage for the first time. Based on the given information, the User gives or refuses consent to the use of cookies. The consent is a way in which the User voluntarily, specifically, informedly and unambiguously express his/her wishes and it serves to give consent to the processing of personal data concerning that User (so-called opt-in). The consent is not necessary for all the processing of data and it can be given or refused at any moment free of charge.


Types of cookies

Permanent They stay on the computer after closing the Internet browser. Generally, they can last for a few months or permanently.
Temporary They vanish from the computer once the Internet browser is closed.
First-party cookies


First-party cookies come from the website the User is on, and they can be permanent or temporary. The website uses these cookies to store the information it is going to use again the next time the User visits this website.
Third-party cookies Third-party cookies are set by a website other than the one you are currently on. Other websites can use these cookies to track how the User uses and behaves on the website he/she is visiting for the marketing purposes.


Strictly necessary They are necessary for the website to function and they cannot be turned off. They are usually being set as a response of the user’s action that includes service requests, such as cookies settings, login or form filling.
Performance They enable anonymous recording of visits and sources of traffic, which parts of the website are more or less visited, the User’s movement around the website for us to be able to measure and improve the website’s performance. They do not directly store any personal data, but they are based on a unique identification of the browser and the Internet of the User.
Functionality They enable remembering the information (settings) that change the way the website acts or looks, such as your preferred language or region you are in.
Advertising They enable cross-domain tracking of the User. The intention is to show individualized and relevant advertisements for a particular User, and they are also valuable for the third-party publishers and advertisers.

List of cookies


Strictly necessary cookies
Cookie Sours Purpose Duration
_cc Cookies settings for the current website 1G


Performance cookies
_ga Google Analytics – distinguishing unique users 2G
_gat Google Analytics – regulation of request rate 1D
_gid Google Analytics – identification of unique users 1D


Functionality cookies


Advertising cookies




Any further changes in our policy shall be published on this website. Please visit this website occasionally in order to receive information about any possible changes in our cookie policy.


This policy was last changed on September 15, 2020.