Cross-sharing content for the successful launch of NIVEA natural cosmetics line

With a campaign on Instagram and TikTok, we presented NIVEA MagicBAR Face Cleansing Bar syndets

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Written by: Nina Marković

Most of us are trying to live in harmony with nature and make the world as green and sustainable as possible. In order to contribute to these goals, we can and should start from ourselves and follow simple steps to begin with: spend as much time as possible in nature, eat healthier and carefully use cosmetic products, keeping in mind their packaging and composition.

With the new line of NIVEA MagicBAR compact facial cleansing products, which we presented in the spring, NIVEA, out of love for the skin and respect for the environment, set out on the path of sustainability.

We know what syndets are, and you?

It is the first certified line of natural cosmetics that meets the strict guidelines of the Ecocert® Cosmos Natural standard. NIVEA MagicBAR solid face cleansing bars look like soaps, but they are not. They are syndets, do not contain soap and perfectly match the pH value of the skin, gently cleaning it and making it soft. There are three variants available on the market, whose vegan formula does not contain ingredients of animal origin, and the paper packaging can be completely recycled.

Cross-sharing as the key to success

With the desire to create awareness of a new format of facial cleansing products and attract consumers with an innovative, multifunctional product concept and sustainability benefits, we presented NIVEA MagicBAR solid facial cleansers through collaboration with successful influencers Martina Vuletić and Cindy Šoštarić Hadžić. We included two channels in the campaign – Instagram and TikTok. Through a post on Instagram, influencers presented the concept of the product and its benefits in more detail, while in TikTok posts they focused on its format. We have combined both communication channels through cross-sharing of content, and have designed special communication for the media through the distribution of a creative press kit. Also, we have achieved cooperation with the portal through original articles and publications.

The results

During the campaign, we achieved 33 media announcements and 19 organic announcements on social networks worth over 11,200 euros. By including both social networks in the campaign, we reached almost 473,000 people and engaged over 11,000 users, with an average engagement rate of 5.47.


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