Cyber incidents tops the scale of risks

There are more and more scams in the online world, and private users and companies are also being targeted

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Written by: Marko Sitar

The online world has more and more users by every day, and thus more and more opportunities for various scams. According to the Allianz risk barometer for 2022, cyber threats are the biggest cause for concern for companies, and we have recently witnessed a major cyber attack by a telecom company in which a large amount of personal data of citizens has been endangered.

Users benefit from online shopping, as do companies that have adapted to modern ways of shopping. In addition to being simple, fast and most often delivered to us within the appointed time to the doorstep, we have a choice between an infinite number of offers that can be found on various websites, platforms and online shops. We all prefer to book trips, pay bills, buy things, clothes or daily necessities from the comfort of our home, and according to recent research, the frequency and intensity of online shopping among Croats during the pandemic has increased. However, if we are not careful and become a victim of internet fraud, we will pay dearly for that convenience. In the process, brands that have been used to counterfeit goods or services are often damaged.

Here are some helpful tips to identify and avoid online scams so you can enjoy your online shopping without any worries.

  1. Check the domain name carefully

Web addresses with spelling mistakes and unusual words and symbols should be alarm that this could be a scam. Buy only from trusted brands and make sure that the site where you buy the product is their official one. Do not trust sites similar to the following examples: or

An address ending with .xyz does not sound good at all and you should always stick to those pages whose address starts with the abbreviation HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and the letter S refers to Secure = security).

  1. Ask yourself: is it too good to be true?

Have you ever been longing for a new model of sneakers of your favorite brand but are they too expensive for your budget at the moment? You are scrolling on your feed and you see an amazing special offer where your sneakers no longer cost 200 $, but 40 $. Is it possible? Unfortunately it’s not! Offers like that do not sound realistic at first, especially if they do not come directly from the brand or some other relevant and verified shopping site.

  1. Research the site thoroughly

Before you decide to buy something, make sure that the page you are searching for has all the correct and true information such as: the registered office where the company is registered, the terms of business, address and telephone number. Check out social networks, reviews and comments from real customers. Pay special attention to the design of the website and its structure and literacy and whether it looks professional or amateur. Keep in mind that fake websites can often look very real and credible.

  1. Do not open unfamiliar emails with suspicious links

Did you receive an email notifying you that you had won something in a prize game that you didn’t even play? Is there a link in the email that tells you to open it and leave your information? Delete e-mails like that immediately and do not open links at all, because it’s most likely about “phising emails” whose purpose is to activate dangerous software by clicking on a link that will allow an attacker to access your device and personal data. Sometimes it can seem that such e-mails come from real and well-known companies or institutions, and it is very important to pay attention to all the details such as the source, logic, literacy and veracity of the data.

  1. Always think twice before paying

If you do not give your money to strangers, also do not deposit money through unknown and unverified sites. Enter card information only on secure websites and never send a copy your credit card, credit card number, PIN or a copy of oersonal ID card. Make payments only when you are connected to a secure Internet connection and use secure payment services with full authentication systems. Avoid paying directly to your account and advice with your bank about the safest way to do your online purchases.


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