Decorations and Christmas gifts affect employee motivation

Learn all about the wishes and habits of employees during the winter holidays

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Written by: Hana Malobabić

The winter holidays are the time of the year we all look forward to. From various gatherings and celebrations with family and friends, enjoying holiday recipes, to vacations and winter joys. But while we prepare for winter leisure in our free time, the spirit of the holidays does not bypass our working hours spent in the office with colleagues. In our latest Vox Populi survey, we examined the pre-holiday situation in our respondents ’offices. Find out what are their holiday habits, how much do they care about Christmas decorations, and what are their winter break options.

Christmas shopping

The fact that almost 80% of respondents said they plan to spend less money on Christmas presents this year shows that the corona crisis left a mark in all segments of life, whether it is the holidays or not. Furthermore, 57% of respondents said they buy gifts on sale. The products that they buy are diverse, so the answers include everything from toys and food to cosmetics and mulled wine. However, despite the reduced budget, it seems that the enjoyment of Christmas shopping for loved ones has not diminished, so 63% of respondents said they would rather shop in-store than order gifts online.


As for office gift-giving in the business world, 85% of respondents said they think it’s a good idea, but only 55% of them have it in their offices. However, despite the lack of office initiative, employees like to share the joy of Christmas with their colleagues, so 75% of them still give gifts to their colleagues and an equal percentage of them receive gifts from colleagues.

Office decor

Although the office gift-giving initiative did not prove to be so popular, 77% of employees said that Christmas is celebrated in their office, after all. Some celebrate it in the form of dinners and banquets, and some cook traditional meals and mulled wine and enjoy the more relaxed and less formal gathering. Almost 75% of respondents said that the Christmas atmosphere in the office is very important, which is supported by the fact that 93% of them decorate their office space every year.


Do companies practice collective winter breaks or do employees need to negotiate, we found out in the last set of questions. Although 65% of respondents believe that they should go on a collective vacation for Christmas, as many as 91% of them do not practice a collective vacation in the office. Regarding working on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, 90% of respondents said that they work part-time during those two days; and 52% said they would merge the Feast of the Epiphany day.


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