Dialog komunikacije became a “Green office”

Communication Management Agency, Dialog komunikacije, is the first domestic company to operate under the Green Office principles, according to the program of THE GREEN HUB platform.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

The Ditch Plastic Croatia initiative and Dialog komunikacije founded THE GREEN HUB in order to provide environmental and communication consulting in the field of environmental protection and the transition to sustainable way of doing business. In order to be able to provide the best service to concerned organizations, Dialog komunikacije was the first to join the process of the transition to a Green Office, and went through a demanding process, created by Ditch Plastic Croatia initiative. The process consisted of employee education, analysis and introduction of sustainable practices, such as single use plastics elimination, proper waste management, usage of biodegradable materials, recycled paper and replacement of plastic packaging with glass and other environmentally friendly material.

Marina Čulić Fischer, managing partner of Dialog komunikacije, said: ” We are honoured to have successfully completed the transition to a Green Office, and we thank Ditch Plastic Croatia initiative for professional guidance and project management. We see the recognition as the first step in the transition to sustainable business, a long-term and continuous process that we will not give up on. ”

The founder of the Ditch Plastic Croatia initiative, Tihana Veljačić added: “I am delighted that Dialog komunikacije, as a co-founder of THE GREEN HUB platform, recognized the importance of environmentally friendly business and that today, from their personal experience, they can advise potential partners on all the challenges of transitioning to sustainable business. I hope that their example will be followed by other organizations and that we will successfully contribute in raising awareness of companies and individuals about the importance of action and changes in the way we do business and behave in relation to the environment. The Earth is the only home we have, and that’s why we have to put all our efforts into preserving it and ensuring a healthier future for it. “


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