DialogMythbuster: if you don’t have at least 100k followers, you have nothing!

The bigger, the better. Is it possible that we are talking like this even after we have been actively using the largest social networks for more than a decade? If you think the answer is no, you are wrong.

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

Just remember how many times you were invited to a pitch process in which the only or main goal was the number of new followers on client’s Facebook page. Although at that moment your first impulse may have been to grab your head, the fact is that there is still room to educate clients and colleagues, but also all others who (do not) use social networks.


Ego vs reality of social network algorithms

Aside from the ego which is often the main cause of the brief from the beginning of the story, what else is behind the desire for a large number of followers on social media? Often large numbers look tempting because we think they also mean how much all these people care about our products and services. However, a large number of followers does not mean that this audience will comment on your posts, read your articles and watch your videos, as well as buy your product or services at the end of the day or achieve any other goal important to you.

In practice, the more followers a page has, the smaller its organic reach is. If we still want to reach more people, we can invest in good creativity, precisely target the desired users and with the help of increasingly sophisticated ads we will successfully place the desired messages to our target group. However, if we do not dedicate enough time and attention to the community that follows us on social networks, advertising will be the only thing left to us, and our presence on social networks will soon turn into a monologue. That is why in social media communication it is more important to emphasize continuous presence, good content based on interests of our audience and quality communication with our followers, rather than “chasing” a large number of followers and reach.

When we know that organic reach is continuously declining, it is important to focus our resources on what we are sure that will have a positive effect. Build relationship with your audience, actively communicate, provide support and give a nice word to each person which follows you on social media. Over time, you will identify people who are your advocates and gladly comment on your posts and share positive experiences with your products and services, even in conversation with other users. Their word and engagement is worth a lot more than those tens of thousands of followers you know exist, but you don’t seem to exist for them because they don’t see your posts or react to them.


How to leave a good first impression?

There is a common perception how users can get the impression that a product or service is not desirable if their social media pages and profiles are not followed by a lot of people. However, are only large numbers important for credibility? While they may have some weight in this context, there are a number of other ways we can make a good impression on social media.

Think about what users who first come to your social media page or profile see. Are all posts related to what your page or profile represents? Do the posts look and sound uniform? Does your content match your values and the goals you want to achieve? Are all questions answered in a short time and in a professional manner? Hundreds of thousands of followers are worth nothing to someone whose message with a specific problem that needs to be solved is stuck somewhere in the back of your Facebook or Instagram inbox.

If you’re sure you’ve done all of this properly, you’re probably on a good way to growing your community, perhaps slowly but focused on quality, which is much more important in the long run because you’ll be followed by people who are really interested in your products and services.


Social networks are not the only measure of success

Finally, social networks are not the only channel through which you communicate with potential users of your products and services and on which a good reputation is built. Are you present in the media? Where and how do you advertise? When was the last time you updated your website? Are customers really satisfied with the quality of your products and services?

For start, answer these questions. If you are still unsure what to do to make your products and services more desirable among users on social networks or any other communication channel, contact us and together we will find the best way to make it.


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