Digital marketing trends worth of investment 

By the end of this year, investments in content and video marketing are predicted to increase by as much as 59% compared to the year 2020

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Written by: Hana Malobabić

Source: Convince&Convert


To better plan your budget and see what changes you need to pay attention to, we bring you 8 growing trends in digital marketing.

1. Video and live streams

 Four times more users will watch the video rather than read the text. But, producing good video content is not easy and if it’s not performed well it could do more harm than good to the brand. Reach out for video editing experts.

2. Content marketing

Content already has a dominant position in digital marketing; and because every digital marketer creates content for their audience daily, it’s becoming difficult to stand out. Also, due to such ubiquitous content, users are oversaturated, so it’s important to work on quality. To successfully work on quality, authenticity and personalization are essential. Brands will have to look for tools for the best possible personalization, which will grow from a popular term into a key thing in digital marketing.

3. Content strategy

Content without a good strategy is not content. Just like bad video content, strategically unplanned content brings more harm than good to a brand. Although about 90% of businesses use content marketing in business, only 37% of them use the planned content strategy. These percentages are not at all commendable and it’s time for content creators to increase them and to ask themselves not only what they are creating, but also why they are creating it. The ultimate goal is to turn users into customers who don’t stop at the search, but also decide to buy; but without a good strategy, it’s a mission impossible. To create a successful strategy and achieve the ultimate goal, it is necessary to discover which audience we reach, what our goals are, when and where we put content, and most importantly, why is our content important.

4. Internet of Things

Research has shown that the number of connected devices will more than triple over the next three years. The more devices we use, the more information we provide and thus influence the creation of personalized strategies that will adapt to our needs and habits and serve marketing as accurately as possible. Although smartphones and tablets will remain on the throne of the most used devices, we will also provide information about ourselves through the daily use of household devices such as thermostats and pressure gauges.

5. Cross-device marketing strategies

Since the average user is connected to at least five devices with an address, content creators must create content that is adaptable to various platforms. The platforms whose popularity will jump this year will be the devices we wear, like smartwatches. But with the rapid development of the world and technology, after wearables, new platforms and trends, which we can’t even predict yet, will soon come. So, we advise you to always provide a part of your budget for them to keep you going.

6. ABM (Account-based marketing)

AMB is one of the new approaches in marketing, focused on customers. It combines marketing and sales to achieve long-term high-income relationships with key accounts. This method emphasizes customers who fit into the ideal buyer persona of a brand and uses the experience of those people to make them advocates and promoters of that brand.

7. Email marketing

Everyone uses email, but some still claim it’s dead. This attitude is wrong, especially because 55% of decision-makers in companies prefer to communicate via email. Aside from the large percentage of users, the biggest advantage of this type of marketing is that the return on investment is higher than any other. Therefore, it’s time for this simple yet cost-effective form of marketing to become represented as integral part of digital marketing.

8. SEO

The popularity of SEO is still on the rise, and new forms of optimization trends are expected. In the next period keywords will focus on the needs of users who know exactly what they want. Users have been typing full questions into the search engine lately, so those involved in marketing have the task to find out what are these questions of their ideal buyer persona. The voice search engine will be taken to a new level this year and finally allow us to understand the needs and issues of our users better.


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