Do you know how TikTok algorithm works

Highly personalized algorithm is the main reason why is this platform so attractive.

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Written by: Ivana Perinčić

We all heard for social media algorithm at least one, but the is a small number of people who know exactly what is it about. In math and computer science algorithm represents rigorous well-defined instructions, typically used to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a computation. On the other hand, social media algorithm is way od sorting posts by relevance on users feed, therefore social media platforms keep it in secret as unique computer formula that impacts post reach differently on each social network.

Length and language are crucial

Similar to other platforms, TikTok algorithm highly values interaction (reaction, comments, sharing, but also re-watching), but with that it recommends profiles to users based on their content, interest they have chosen when setting up profile, interaction with other users’ content, profile user follow (or stopped following), but also longer videos.

Video categorization is set by video caption, hashtags, sound, filter and trending theme of video. Posting video with trending theme or sound is the perfect way to reach new audience, because algorithm shows video to people who were already in interaction with used sound or song.

With TikTok, profile settings like language, location and smartphone type play a huge role.

Become virtual sensation – asap

TikTok algorithm takes in consideration activities like marking video as “not interested”, hiding profiles or skipping videos. Based on all factors it follows, TikTok creates individual recommendation system on “For You page”. On the other hand, algorithm does not include factors such as high number of followers or previously high-performing video on profile, which means that if you have couple thousand followers you have the same chance in becoming viral hit as someone with couple hundred thousand fans. That’s why we need to use this opportunity before TikTok IT designers change their mind and change algorithm on this platform that still allows her rapid growth.


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