Domestic audience is cautious, but it is worth investing in communication on TikTok

Good examples of domestic brands on TikTok are still rare, but that could change in 2023.

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TikTok ads reach more than 1 billion people aged 18 and over globally. To give you a better insight, this means that TikTok ads reach approximately 23% of all adults outside of China. Considering its success, in the last VoxPopuli issue we checked which way and how much TikTok is used by our followers on social media networks.

Although 51% of them consume content from TikTok, a slightly lower percentage of them actually has active profile (47%). Compared to Instagram, the favorite channel of influencers and the platform that has long been described with the epithet of the highest user engagement, a very high 90% still prefer it over TikTok, even though Instagram faithfully copies the functionalities from TikTok. TikTok is perceived as a communication platform where Generation Z is most active, which perhaps explains why some still shy away from creating and publishing content on this platform as well.

Brands (still) have not succeeded to impose themselves

When it comes to brand communication, only 27% of our survey participants follow brandson TikTok. Among the rare responses about good examples of content shared by brands on TikTok, our followers praised an airline company Ryanair and a well-known domestic soft drink Pipi, which already stands out by the original name of the profile @bolimepipi.official. When it comes to content creators, it is interesting to see that our survey participants generally follow creators who are either Instagram or TikTok content creators. At the same time, there are higher chances that a TikTok creator will be followed on Instagram, than that an Instagram creator will be followed on TikTok. This probably speaks in favor of the specifics of the communication on TikTok and the differences in the most active group of users, but perhaps also the fact that the domestic scene of influencers sticks to the “proven” channel and has a harder time deciding to step onto a new platform.








It’s worth investing more in TikTok

The popularity of TikTok is confirmed by the opinion of the majority that this platform is currently more worth investing, compared to Instagram, which is much more preferred considering the answers from survey participants. In addition to Instagram, we also checked what our followers thought about this topic on LinkedIn, where the answers were similar. In the Instagram survey, TikTok was chosen by 62% of respondents, and on LinkedIn by 71%. We also checked how open they are to communication on TikTok when it comes to the official accountsof their brands and companies and whether they cooperate with content creators. The answers on Instagram and LinkedIn were also similar in this case and we have found out that more than half of the survey participants still do not have an official TikTok profile for their brand or company (54% Instagram, 61% LinkedIn). In cooperation with content creators who could bridge the path to an audience on TikTok for brands which are not yet present on the platform, it also turned out that there is a lot of room for improvement, considering that two-thirds of respondents do not cooperate with them. It is encouraging, however, that more than half of the survey participants plans to increase investment in TikTok as soon as next year. With a little help from our guides on how the TikTok algorithm works and how to implement a successful campaign with influencers, success will surely come.

Better content regulation is needed

Although TikTok has established itself as the most popular social media network with a rapid growth in the number of users, we have unfortunately also witnessed some negative phenomenain this success story, mainly related to various dangerous challenges that have appeared among the youngest users of TikTok. It turned out that the participants of our survey are very well acquainted with this topic (94% of them). At the same time, two-thirds are not familiar with the age limit for using TikTok, and a very high percentage (90%) believes that children at a very sensitive age, under 13 years old, use TikTok. That’s why it’s not surprising that the responses are almost unanimous that the platform needs to start regulating content better.

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