Dominance Of Video Content

Live videos and short forms confirm the dominance of video content on social networks.

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Written by: Viktorija Stukar

Video has emerged as one of the key trends in recent years and despite many predictions going in its favour, there were equally questions about how much it really pays to invest in video content and whether video as one of the most important trends is actually too hyped. With the rise of TikTok and new opportunities to create fun video content on the already popular Instagram, the time has come for video to confirm its dominance on social media.


Big Comeback of Live Videos

From business conferences that have largely moved to an online environment to fashion shows and music concerts, live streaming on social media has proven to be a very valuable tool that has enabled various actors in communication to continue creating unique experiences for their audiences. During the lockdown in March last year, the number of live video views on Facebook and Instagram in Italy doubled, while in the US there were 50% more Facebook live video views. With the social commerce growth, the role of live video in the future will be even more emphasized and will allow users a new dimension of entertainment in online shopping.


The Rise of Short-Form Videos

Social media platforms are turning more and more to short forms. The once popular Vine with six-second loop videos has been forgotten, but TikTok which is also based on fast and fun videos has won over GenZennials around the world in record time. During 2020, it was among the most popular smartphone apps, and among social networks, despite the global dominance of Facebook platforms, it was the TikTok that most users installed. It didn’t take long for the giant in the world of social networks to respond, so Facebook introduced the Instagram Reels option in August 2020, following the example of TikTok’s functionality. The short video trend has been joined by YouTube too which has introduced YouTube Shorts, its version of video creation lasting up to 15 seconds currently available only in India, while the rollout for the USA is planned for March.

While platforms are fighting for user favour, entertainment is for now prevalent in short video content and content creators find inspiration in music, filters and other video editing options. Brands are still exploring how to become part of this conversation, so collaborating with content creators and influencers will be one way to bridge the path to audiences and turn a time-limited format from a challenge to an opportunity.


The Need for More Advanced Measurements

Measuring success on social media and tracking where and how brands are mentioned, with the help of various social media listening tools so far has mainly been focused on text message analysis, but as video content is increasingly dominating, as one of the key challenges in 2021 Ketchum states the need for more advanced analytics that will allow better tracking of this type of content.

More than 3 billion images, GIFs and videos are shared on social media every day. With the help of artificial intelligence, certain possibilities for recognizing photo and video content have already been developed, but for quality data it will be necessary to invest in the development of specific solutions.


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