Employer Branding: How To Get The Best Talents Through Social Networks

Employers are struggling with lack of skilled work force and they need more and more efforts to maintain existing talents.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

One of the most complexed challenges of the Croatian labor market is the gap between the knowledge provided by the education system and those required by employers. Poor perspective is further strengthened by negative demographic trends. Employers are struggling with lack of skilled work force and they need more and more efforts to maintain existing talents.

Employer branding, the process of building the image of a desirable employer, is increasingly imposing itself as a response to these challenges. According to LinkedIn, organizations that successfully implement employer branding have lower employee outflow (28%) and employment costs (50%), 50% more qualified jobseekers are getting in contact with them and the time required to hire candidates accelerates 1 to 2 times.

To be recognized as a desirable employer, you have to offer potential job candidates adequate values (employee value proposition). After your employee value proposition is well defined, you are ready for communication. To communicate, you can use various tools and communication channels, from your web page, social networks and newsletter, to meet ups in your organization or conferences where your organization will be presented.


Social networks are the first tool for Millennials in job search

Did you know that 75% of candidates who are looking for a job are researching company information before applying for an open position? 52% of them will first check the company’s website and then its profiles on social networks. This is especially present among younger people whose lives are now shaped by digital technology and communication through various social networks, messaging applications and similar services. Forecasts say that Millennials, a generation born between the early 1980s and the beginning of the new millennium, will make up 35% of the global workforce by 2020. According to LinkedIn, for 70% of them social networks are the first choice tools in job search.


Two steps to success

Big social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter enable you to reach people, as well as transfer relevant image of your employer brand through carefully designed content.

When you know who your ideal employment candidates are, the first step is to choose the platform that is best suited for communicating with them. Knowing the nature of each social network, the usual communication, options for creating and publishing content, as well as having the insight into who and how uses that social network the most, is crucial for choosing the right platform. While Facebook has the greatest reach and offers the most options in terms of content formats, Instagram will maybe better enable you to find creative people or show through informal communication how the work environment in your organization really looks like. On LinkedIn you will quickly connect with industry professionals through groups and Twitter will be useful for searching candidates with very specific knowledge.

The second step is to plan content which will show potential candidates why they should work within your organization. The content should clearly outline the benefits you provide and why your organization is an excellent place to work. Although there is no magic formula that will tell you exactly what kind of content is best, the  most important is to include your organizational culture, how daily work in your organization looks like, who are your employees and what they do, and different business news such as innovations and awards.

It’s also good to provide educational content, such as news articles from your industry or videos with helpful tips which will encourage conversation among your followers on social networks. The largest social networks also offer different ways to promote content, which is especially useful if you want to communicate with a narrow niche and target candidates with specific knowledge and skills.


Employees as influencers

Employees are your most valuable resource. Therefore, it is good to use them as a way to attract talent, but also to show the best employees how much you value them. Present different workplaces in your organization, opportunities for promotion or innovation through articles or videos in which your employees will have the leading role. This is also a great opportunity to show the „human side“ of your organization.

Today’s labor market is far more conditioned by employees than by employers. With good employer branding, be sure that you will keep quality employees in your ranks, and attract the best ones in the battle for talent.


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