Everyone is touched by the war in Ukraine, and the consequences will be far-reaching

The Ukrainian conflict is expected to impact the economy, according to 74% of respondents.

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Written by: Anamarija Morić

The war in Ukraine has had an influence on security, the geopolitical situation in Europe, and the economy, in addition to the terrible human suffering and humanitarian crisis. In April, we conducted our latest #VoxPopuli poll on Facebook, Instagram, and, for the first time, LinkedIn.

Uncertainty and worry are felt by respondents

It is difficult for us to accept that we are in the twenty-first century and that huge wars are taking place around the world. As a result, it’s not surprising that the overwhelming majority of respondents (79%) were involved in the current situation in Ukraine. War in Eastern Europe causes uncertainty in 76 percent of respondents, while fear holds 24%. Almost same percentage of the respondents (26%) believe that the Ukrainian crisis will have an impact on European security, and 74% believe that the crisis will have an economic effect.

Inflation and supply disruptions will be a problem for us

The majority of responses (84%) think that the crisis in Ukraine will reduce business activity, while just over half (54%) said they are already feeling the effects at work. The audience is divided on which segment of the economy will be most affected by the crisis: 42% believe that changes in food prices would be the most apparent, 38% think that energy disruptions will be the most visible, and 21% believe that supply disruptions will be the most noticeable. When it comes to the industries that will be most affected by the war, more than 60% of respondents rank energy first.

The war would have an impact on marketing investments as well

Even in times of crisis, the majority of respondents (66%)feel that companies must find a way to communicate properly with their audience. At the start of the war, 58% of respondents think they are successful in changing the tone and style of communication. The majority of respondents (71%) believe that the war in Ukraine will have an impact on marketing investments, with 36%  believing that influencer marketing will be the most affected.

The tourist season offers lower expectations

While 66%  of respondents on Instagram and Facebook believe the situation in Ukraine will last for years, the LinkedIn community is more positive and 57% believe the war would finish by summer. More than two-thirds of respondents (68%) believe the war will have an impact on the tourist season and travel safety (78%). The majority of respondents (91%) believe that an attack on Ukraine will lead in a geopolitical shift in Europe.


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