Everything brand can learn from Taylor Swift

The secret recipe for retaining existance and attracting new fans

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Talking about pop culture today would be difficult to find a match for tazlor Swift’s success. Swift won the world over not only with her music ,but with her PR moves, as well. Behind her success is a strategy based on communicating personal values, understanding the audience and building relationships with fans. This is how strategy of commercial brands should like like, right?


The skill of publicly maturing

From the standpoint of public relations, the communication of personal values is the most imporant step of the process. Throughout her career, Swift has integrated her personal development into her music, transforming her albums into intimate stories that resonate deeply with her audience.

Frm innocent lines about young love to powerful anthems dedicated to self-empowerment and acceptancing the consequences, her songs have become a true reflection of her fans’ lives.


Engagement beyond personal borders

Communication of personal values attracts not only dedicated fans of her music, but also new audiences who share the same beliefs. In this process, her authenticity comes to the fore, transcending the bounderies of a pop star and turning her into an ambassador of the interests of a wider group.

By adressing social issues, promoting frienship and altruism, as well as advocating individuality, equality and self-confidence, Swift positions herself as an authentic role model. Among other things, her efforts have led to changes in the policies of Spotify and Apple Music, and she is also engaged in educating the general public about intellectual property and copyright.


More is – more

Swift skillfully and carefully uses social media as a tool for developing and maintaining her fan community – Instagram for warm and intimate photos, Twitter for honest and unadulterated interaction. In both cases, she makes fans feel like part of her inner circle.

She is actively engaged in communication with her followers by liking their posts and surprising them with special gestures; such as invitations to visit her home and have fun with her.

She announced her album “Midnights” at midnight, August 29th 2022, simultaneously on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Tumblr, while at the same time posted an “Anti-Hero” challenge on Youtube Shorts, inviting fans to post videos using parts of her songs.


Show me the money

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and numerous US cities where she visited in July announced that the Eras tour significantly helped boost travel and tourism in their areas, and market research agency QuestionPro estimated that Swift contributed economically to the global economy worth 5 billion USD. The tour has so far sold 1.1 million tickets at an average price of $253. Beyonce, however, remains as the only female pop singer with higher earning figures, who, according to Forbes, earned USH 2 billion on her tour.


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