Exclusive NIVEA SUN summer picnic

We presented new NIVEA Sun products in a big campaign and at an intimate gathering in the garden of the Academy of Fine Arts

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Written by: Nina Marković

This summer, NIVEA introduced the new, improved formula of NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture waterproof products, which provide long-lasting and intensive hydration for 48 hours thanks to skin-related hydramine. Another innovation was NIVEA SUN Mineral Face Creams with 100 % mineral UV filters especially developed for sensitive skin which offer reliable sun protection adapted to the needs of the face.

Specially designed experience

The task of the agency was to create a campaign that will communicate the benefits of the products and present them to the public using PR tools, social networks, and influencers to catch the attention of consumers. We used our creative press kit to present and communicate the benefits of the NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture and Mineral line to media representatives.

Since we had another year in which we weren’t able to socialize as much with the influencers either, we wanted to create a special experience in which a smaller number of invitees will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves while getting to know the new NIVEA SUN products. To emphasize the importance of skincare and sun protection, whether we are in the city or at sea, we organized an exclusive NIVEA SUN summer picnic just for influencers.

With boho style to organic posts

In the natural ambiance in a beautiful garden of the Academy of Fine Arts, we created a pleasant atmosphere for a summer picnic in the Boho style. Through the carefully planned agenda of the event, we pampered the influencers and allowed them to enjoy the atmosphere we created just for them and learn about the new NIVEA SUN products. We presented them the highlights of the products, which they passed on to their followers through social media and showed the public all the benefits that the new NIVEA SUN products provide. The casual atmosphere and decorations were a good way to catch the attention of the invited influencers and also resulted in a great number of unpaid social media posts.

During the campaign, 81 organic announcements were published on social networks worth over 46.000 euros, and 35 media announcements with a potential reach of almost one million.


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