Communication management

Media Relations

We work with the media on daily basis, managing relations between them and our clients, whether there is good news, bad news or no news.

Press conferences, press clubs, press tours and informal gatherings are regular services we offer to achieve a stable and effective relationship with the media.

We maintain current and specialized media databases of journalists, nationally and regionally. Our media relations services also include analysis and evaluations.

Consumer Relations

We help our clients communicate their brand messages with end consumers, by organizing prize-winning games, road shows, samplings and exhibitions.

The goal in every action we undertake in this area is to sell our clients products. That's why consumers relations are one of key services we offer.

Employees Relations

Employees or internal communications is a crucial management responsibility of every company. We are experienced in recognizing employees attitudes and perceptions; crafting and implementing internal employees communications programs aimed at driving company efficiency.

Our employees relations activities include publishing of newsletters, internal communications guides, corporate policy guides and media relations guides.

Business Relations

We work side by side with our clients to understand their organization's culture, vision, business objectives. This enables us to develop effective communications programs that support the client's business objectives.

Our business relations services include presentations, promotions, business-to-business activities and sponsorship consultancies.

Crisis management

Crisis have the potential to cause lasting damage to a companys reputation.

We are prepared to respond to any and all serious issues that could damage corporate or personal reputation. We provide planning, counsel, training and logistical support in crisis management.

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Communication trainings

To help clients develop and deliver powerful, clear messages we offer communication trainings in media handling, public presentations and crisis management.


We conduce lobbying activities for our clients aimed at influencing public officials.
In practicing these activities we follow CIPR's lobbying code of conduct.

Event management

Our team is experienced in producing events for different types of target audiences. We have the experience and skills in producing and coordinating a wide range of corporate events, such as product launches, corporation presentations and business conferences.

Digital communication

Digital consulting

„If you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist!” is not just a witty remark. How to present yourself, which platforms to choose, how to reach the target, and what to do about advertising – we are going to give a concrete answer to these questions, customized for your brand or service. These are only some of the questions we are going to answer specifically, in a way that is customized for your brand or service.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the best step to take when you want to reach a large target audience in a short time, and we are going to create and coordinate the entire process for you.

Social media management

Social media are an important part of a business strategy. The team of our professional experts are going to help you build a community around your brand, connect with your customers, and increase brand awareness and sales.

Content creation

Content is king, and queen, and everything in between! Strategically created and distributed quality, educational and relevant content attracts the users and generates desired user actions. Rely on our extensive experience and knowledge of different industry trends.