Fighting bots and social e-commerce in focus

Although we were resented in many ways in 2020, unfavorable circumstances have given rise to some favorable changes, primarily accelerated digitalization. For things that used to take years, weeks or months are now enough.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

Global public relations firm Ketchum has released a report on trends that will mark 2021. Marketing and communications have undeniably changed more in the last ten months than in the entire last decade. Restrictions related to the global pandemic have forced companies to move away from old strategies and re-evaluate well-established sales channels, communicate with consumers and relations with interested publics. What brings us 2021 and which two trends will be in focus, read below.

  1. E-commerce and social media commerce

Due to changes in consumer behavior, e-commerce has experienced a huge growth, and with it, the functionalities on social networks have been significantly improved. This was most felt by users of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. TokTok, the fastest-growing digital platform in 2020, recently partnered with Spotify, which allows its own consumers to purchase products directly from TikTok creators.

The speed of change has created the need for more channel measurement, analysis and optimization, hand in hand with quick and informed decisions. Keeping in mind further forecasts for the development and growth of e-commerce, this will be even more challenging in the future for anyone looking to survive on digital channels.

  1. Fighting bots and misinformation

While digital platforms have largely recorded user growth and time spent on them, it has already crystallized in 2020 that one of the biggest challenges in 2021 will be how to keep the Internet a safe and open place where anyone can contribute content and communication.

The global pandemic has shown how vulnerable social networks can be as they are flooded with a huge amount of fake news and misinformation about health, an issue that is a priority for all of us. On Twitter, in the first weeks of the pandemic, bots flooded conversations on that network, promoting various conspiracy theories and inflicting damage in the fight against coronavirus. Bearing in mind how important social networks are for us, it is clear how threatening such phenomena are. One of the more important roles of brands will be to help reduce threats from the spread of misinformation, especially in matters of importance to the wider community.


Source: Ketchum


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