Find out how we coped in the creative wilderness

We bring you the diary of our young lions in the fight to go to Cannes

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Written by: Marko Sitar and Štefica Škarika

At the heart of every communication expert lies an adventurous spirit and willingness to explore new ideas and challenges. That’s exactly why we wholeheartedly accepted the challenge called Young Lions Croatia – a competition that brings together communication experts under the age of 30. Isolated from the outside world for 24 hours, we put to the test not only our skills, but also our creativity, innovation, and team spirit.


From challenge to inspiration


Upon entering the Zagreb Innovation Center, which was the host of this event, all the teams gathered to finally find out who the mystery client is for whom we will design a campaign. Directly from Scotland via video call, Jordan Wright from Protect Our Winters spoke to us, introduced us to the organization and briefly explained the brief. Given that we competed in the PR category, our task was to design a campaign that would encourage people across Europe to sign up to the European POW platform and thus become part of the movement whose goal is to protect winters and reduce the negative impact of climate change.


Creative chaos


After we chose our corner where we will spend the next 24 hours and solve the task, we stocked up on snacks, coffee and energy drinks that were available to us. The first step in solving this challenge was to thoroughly go through the brief and thoroughly research the POW organization in order to gain a better understanding of the matter. And then real brainstorming started. We exchanged  ideas, potential slogans, researched the topic of climate change  as much as possible and everything that could inspire us to come up with the final idea.


Final solution


It took us a little more than 10 hours, 5 coffees, 3 energy drinks and 50 post-it notes to come up with the final idea and say “eureka”… and only then did we actually get down to work. It was necessary to write the task and make an accompanying presentation with visuals, and we submitted the final solution a little before 5 AM, tired but also satisfied.


This experience has enriched us and given us the opportunity to grow as experts in the communications industry. Regardless of the outcome, we remain proud of our work and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible competition that encourages young talent around the world.



We say to all young lionesses – register next year, you won’t regret it!


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