First ever research into the generation Z in Croatia conducted

Generation Z never separates from their cells, lives on YouTube and Instagram.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

Who are members of a generation that does not know the world before the birth of the Internet and cell phones? The generation that watches Youtube, instead of television; and gets all of the latest trends from their favorite influencers?

DIALOG communication agency researched the habits of people born in the latter half of the nineties and the beginning of the millennium to get more information about the Croatian generation Z. The research was conducted in coop with Joomboos, project belonging to 24sata media outlet.

The research that included 1667 generation Z members from the whole of Croatia had as its goal to learn more about their media habits, attitudes towards brands and influencers on social media and video platforms.




Results show that 87% of them uses social media every day, 92% considers Instagram to be the coolest of social media channels. 94% of participants visit YouTube, with a quarter of them spending almost an entire day watching it. Cell phone is the most frequently used device by 87% of participants, and it is mostly used to view YouTube (45%). Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are used for communication with friends.

Almost the entire generation Z (97%) follows at least one influencer, with59% of those questioned buys products and uses services promoted by that individual. When it comes to local influencers, those questioned highlighted JoomBoos’ very own vlogger Filip Dejanović, aka Sikrt, Matija Lazarević – better known as Lay Z, Marko Vuletić and Davor Gerbus.

Part of the research had been devoted to generation Z favorite brands. As far as food brands are concerned, the preferred brand is McDonald’s, while the same is true of Coca-Cola in the beverage category. Essence and Samsung are favorite in their respective categories. Their favorite brand overall is the clothing and footwear giant Adidas. This brand has also been highlighted as the brand without which most of them could not live.

Following the results of the research, Marina Čulić Fischer – head of the DIALOG communication agency, said: “Generation Z is the new generation of consumers according to whose values and habits global and local media scene is being shaped, as well as brand communication. We at DIALOG agency are extremely proud  to have been the first in Croatia to pay special attention to this segment because they are shaping the present and future trends.”

Matej Lončarić, founder of the JoomBoos project, added that: “In less than two years, we have acquired over 260 thousand followers, which is a formidable number on the local market. Original series, first regional YT series and Videostar talent show have succeeded in doing what most media struggle with every day – we have engaged viewers to that point where every single video content posted has watch time higher than 90% and maximum social media performance.

Still, our success is not merely measured in numbers. JoomBoos’ greatest strength lies in connection with our primary target audience. The content created by top experts in our team shapes positive values in the society raises and influences new generations of kids. The message we are sending is that they are an essential part of the community, that we respect and understand their world. The proof that we are doing everything right came in the shape of INMA award for the most innovative media project in the world.”


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