Five basic steps to building brand awareness

Brand awareness can be built and spread in many ways, and here’s how you can make your brand recognizable

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Written by: Viktorija Stukar

The goal of every company is the recognition of their brand, whether it is a corporate brand, product or service. Companies want their brand to be synonym of the category for customers, they want them to recognize its personality and key messages, to have positive associations with it, and to be happy to recommend it to their family,  friends and business partners.

Brand awareness can be built and spread in many ways – through advertising, design, point of sale recognition, social responsibility, employer branding, sponsorships, websites, social networks and more.

How can you make your brand recognizable in just five (seemingly) simple steps:

  1. Determine how are you different from others

The first step in building your brand identity is defining its characteristics. Is he arrogant, witty, sexy, reliable, innovative or serious? Keep in mind that it can’t be everything, make sure that it is attractive to the target group and that it differs from the competition. Concentrate on those qualities that are only yours, that are authentic and have credibility (because the image is not what you think of yourself, but what others say about you).

  1. Define your audience

It will be much easier for you to build awareness of your brand if you know exactly who you are addressing and what it is that drives a particular group, what their problems are and how you can help them. Target 18-65 is not the right path to success.

By precisely defining your customers, you will attract the right people and more easily achieve right relationship  between them and you.

  1. Be consistent

Every chance for a customer to hear about your brand, interact with it, or make a purchase is precious. Make sure to leave the best possible impression and keep him interested. All your channels (website, social networks, newsletter, etc.) must send the same message. Keep the message you are trying to send  consistent and your channels aligned because otherwise you will confuse users and lose them very easily.

  1. Be positive

The goals of brand communication for different companies and brands imply different things. Some want everyone to know that they are environmentally conscious, others to be the first to come to mind when you think you need to eat healthier, and the third one wants you to eat that one candy more – because you only live once!

No matter what the message the brand sends is, one thing is constant – it must be positive. No one will even think about buying your product or service if after receiving your message they will feel as if they have just watched the news. After all, would you?

People want to feel good, and after buying your product or service you want them to be as happy as the kids who just got a new toy.

  1. Use your name, logo and URL to strengthen your brand identity

Make it easy for users to get to know your brand. Pay special attention to the part of your website “About us”, because some users will create their first impression of you right there.

Your logo, brand name, and URL must match your desired identity. Try to choose them from the beginning so that they do not act as a copy of an existing brand and check if there are similar names on the social networks you plan to use. While you may not go out on all channels right away, you certainly don’t want the name you want to be taken on half of the planned platforms and force you to choose from various name derivatives which will confuse users.

Before starting the communication, register your name on all planned platforms and thus avoid some of the potential problems.

You have the opportunity to raise awareness among users every time someone mentions your brand, shares your URL, or sees your logo. It’s all part of your identity, so make the most of everything you can!


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