Five steps to choosing the right influencer

Choosing the right influencer is the key to a successful influencer campaign! We bring you five unavoidable steps in that process.

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Written by: Štefica Škarika

The value of influencer marketing in 2022. reached 16,4 billion dollars, while in 2023., investment in this industry will reach 21,1 billion dollars. Some brands often meet with the challenge of choosing the right influencer for the campaign. The right influencer needs to reflect the brand’s values and, of course, get great results. In this article, we will write about five unavoidable steps in that process.


STEP 1 – setting clear goals

Before searching for the right influencer, you should set the campaign’s goals and target audience. Different goals like raising brand awareness or encouraging engagement require different approaches in searching for the right influencer. 


STEP 2 – analyze audience of the desired influencer 

Detailed analysis of the target audience is fundamental for choosing the right influencer. It is essential to study the audience’s demographic characteristics, especially their sex and age. Understanding the target audience’s interests will help you find influencers with similar interests. Influencers with similar interests as the audience will easily connect with the audience and gain their trust. With detailed analysis, you will ensure you send the key messages to the right audience – the audience you defined in step one.


STEP 3 – define the general profile of the audience

Depending on the goals, you will focus on influencers with an extensive community of followers or on niche influencers with a smaller but more engaged audience. The combination of those influencers is often a winning combination. Except for goals, the choice of micro or macro influencers depends on the budget. More importantly, it also depends on the brand’s values, which leads us to a new step.


STEP 4 – check the compatibility of the influencer and the brand 

Influencers often in the media’s spotlight are exciting and attractive to brands. Conversely, they must be more suitable for promoting your product or services. In the “sea” of influencers, it is crucial to focus on those whose values are in harmony with the importance of your brand. While analyzing their social media profiles, you should visualize how your products will fit in their shape and how their followers would react. In this step, you should also check how influencers communicate with their followers, do they answer comments and how. 


STEP 5 – analyze the content of the influencer 

While searching for the right influencer, paying attention to the quality of their materials, like photos, videos and the story behind them, is essential. Influencers building their community on social media are often perceived as experts in some areas they deal with, such as skin care. By sharing professional knowledge and advice from personal experience, they position themselves as relevant people the community trusts while making purchasing decisions.


What else is also necessary for a successful influencer campaign? You can find out here.

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