Golden rules for eCommerce on Instagram

We bring you eight rules that will launch any eCommerce business on a successful path

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Written by: Hana Malobabić

Source: Hype-Journal


Online shopping is not new in today’s digital world, especially after the Corona crisis and lockdown. Customers are most often informed about products and brands on social media before buying, among which Instagram plays a major role.

But while brand announcements are good for piquing consumer interest, they are no longer enough to encourage buying.

To interest consumers and encourage them to buy, or successfully develop eCommerce business via Instagram, we bring you eight key rules:

1. Optimize your Instagram biography
To optimize your SEO, your brand’s Instagram biography should highlight what problem your’re solving for your customers; should include a keyword and hashtag and a link to the action.

2. Tag products for easy purchase
If you sell physical products, link your Instagram page to your Facebook page and allow customers to find out price and other details with a single click on the product tag. To enable product tags on your Instagram page, your account needs to have Instagram Shopping approval. The process of adding these tags can take time, so don’t worry if you can’t add all the desired tags right away.

3. Take care of your profile, not your Instagram follower number
A large number of inactive or purchased followers will certainly be less important for your eCommerce than a smaller number of active followers. Good targeting and successful finding of interested followers who will turn into customers is what will bring you a quality base for the successful development of eCommerce business.

4. Smartly create and optimize Instagram ads
To attract as many potential customers as possible with your Instagram ads, you need to optimize ads. For successful optimization, the ads need to be tailored to the target group to achieve friendly communication and so that followers can identify with them. Facebook Insights on your Facebook page will help you better target your audience. Through them, you will get the opportunity to reach an audience that has already researched or previously purchased your product or brand.

5. Promote Instagram on the web
Promote your Instagram page on your eCommerce website. This will bring your Instagram page closer to customers on the web, make them potential new followers, and give them a picture of the lifestyle in which your brand is run. If you use situational photos customers will see how your products can be used in everyday life.

6. Collaborate with influencers
To reach your target audience as successfully as possible, work with micro-influencers who stick to their specific content for their specific audience. So, if you manage to find an influencer with a smaller number of followers, but who fits exactly into the theme and lifestyle of your brand, you will quickly and easily reach an audience that is interested in such a theme and you will achieve better results in the long run. To make it easier to find such influencers, you can use hashtags that fit your brand.

7. For more successful sales, include followers
To build a strong Instagram community and help sell your products through it, make your followers feel that their opinions and desires are important. You will achieve this best by promoting or reposting their content. This will make them small brand ambassadors, and gain their trust and approval. Also, you will further encourage their interest and participation by organizing contests and giveaways.

8. Use Instagram Story
Instagram stories give you the ability to post content different from the one you post on the main page (feed). By using behind the scenes footage, Q&As, polls, GIFs and stickers, you will give your followers a variety of content and the opportunity to participate even more in communication. Sort the published stories into different categories in the Highlights section to interest the audience as much as possible and allow them to get to know the brand better.


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