Good product is not difficult to sell

In less than a month, we gained 168 posts, over 70 % of which were “organic”

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

Summer and sun = protection, this is the rule we all know. However, when we search for the right product for protection against the sun rays, the diverse offer complicates our choice. That’s why we have devised a regional campaign that conveys the message that, besides reliable skin protection, it is important to choose eco-friendly products. Moreover, we should choose products that allow us to enjoy the optimal dose of vitamin D, which is beneficial for our physical and mental health, worry-free.


Masterchef and Graffiti Na Gradele

We summarized all of this in the slogan #morethanspf, emphasizing that the new formula of NIVEA SUN products is 82 % biodegradable, and doesn’t contain octinoxate, oxybenzone, octocrylene, UV filters, and microplastics. Moreover, the packaging is largely made from recycled plastic.


A total of 28 influencers from the Croatian and Slovenian market were involved in the campaign. They successfully conveyed our messages to the target audience via Instagram and TikTok.


We produced press materials and organized the first regional NIVEA SUN event at Garden Brewery in Zagreb for media representatives and influencers from Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia. The stars of the event were Tihomir Krklec, the Croatian Masterchef, and the graffiti artists from the Graffiti Na Gradele collective.



Over 70 guests gathered at the event. They collectively posted 119 “earned” posts on social media while PR activities resulted with more than 50 posts in media (of which 44 % were TOP tier media) and reached almost 3 milllion readers. During the influencers’ campaign in Croatia and Slovenia, 59 paid posts resulted with more than a million impressions.


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Good product is not difficult to sell

In less than a month, we gained 168 posts, over 70 % of which were "organic"


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