Holiday atmosphere on Instagram and TikTok

How we promoted special NIVEA Christmas packages using influencers

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Written by: Ana Despot

With the holidays approaching and an atmosphere that always brings joy and happiness, we conducted a NIVEA Christmas influencer campaign to promote the offer of special NIVEA Xmas packages. Every year, NIVEA offers a large range of packages that are made to make our loved ones happy, so we have traditionally presented a rich offer for everyone through influencers cooperation.

But this year we also introduced a novelty – we included TikTok for the first time, with Instagram as the primary communication channel, in order to offer followers more creative content in the campaign. Campaign goal was to familiarize influencers followers to the NIVEA Xmas offer, but also to reward them through a creative competition, with the message that the holidays represent love and togetherness. We included Ema Luketin, Lidija Šeatović and Janko Janić in the campaign, influencers who successfully create content on both social networks and are known to the target audience.

The campaign started with an Instagram giveaway post, a creative contest in which each influencer shared a different NIVEA Xmas package, designed specifically for their followers. We spiced up the giveaway by including TikTok videos in which we followed the journey of the NIVEA Xmas package among influencers in an interesting and fun way. The videos were tied to the TikTok trend in which one person virtually “adds” an item to another and another person continues the same path in their post. With the help of Instagram stories, we connected both channels, through which we followed the path of the NIVEA package on Instagram and TikTok.

By including both social networks in the campaign, we achieved IGS on top, reached almost 414.000 people and collected more than 24.300 likes with almost 3.000 comments and a very high average engagement rate of 18.52%.


Holiday atmosphere on Instagram and TikTok

How we promoted special NIVEA Christmas packages using influencers

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