How does it look like when influencers promote health

The educational campaign #LoveHealth gathered 12 people from public life

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Written by: Sara Huljak

At the initiative of the World Health Organization, World AIDS Day is celebrated every year around the world and in Croatia on December 1, so this year the Croatian Association for the Fight against HIV and Viral Hepatitis (HUHIV) launched the #LoveHealth campaign to raise awareness in the public, especially young people, on the importance of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and preserving sexual and reproductive health. In addition, to raise awareness, the goals of the campaign are health education, building awareness of the activities of HUHIV and the I Love Health platform, increasing the number of followers on the I Love Health social media channels and increasing the number of visitors to the testing center.

In the campaign, we defined two target groups that we address: the primary, which consists of members of Generation Z (18-24 years), and the secondary one, their parents.

To achieve the set goals and reach as much as possible, we included 12 people from public life in the campaign. Taking into account the target group, we opted primarily for digital channels and included people who have an impact on TA – Slavko Sobin, Idu Prester, Zembo Latifa, Marko Bucić, Marko Vuletić, Nika Turković, Nika Ilčić, Mirna Škrgatić, Lana Biželj, Mateja Sučević, Debela Barbara and Karla Zelić.

We created special visuals for influencers to show their followers and the general public about the importance of the work of the association and protecting sexual and reproductive health. Visuals have been used on influencers ‘networks, to create a humanitarian calendar, and are still used on social networks, both on their own and influencers’, as well as for all additional PR activities. The sale of the humanitarian calendar is supported by the bookstore chain Hoću knjigu through which webshop is possible to purchase the calendar and direct funds to the work and activities of the association


The campaign was implemented in several phases, we started on November 15 and is still ongoing. In the first phase, we organized a photo shoot with people who were involved in the campaign. Photos were taken for the calendar and social networks that were used through the following phases.

In the second phase, we launched the campaign through traditional media and the social networks of influencers. We sent a press release to the relevant media and as an additional activity, we sent a press kit to selected media representatives, including informative and promotional materials of HUHIV and Brutalka, the first comprehensive encyclopedia on sexual health. Influencers who joined the campaign posted photos from the photoshoot on their social networks between November 20 and December 1, inviting followers to take responsibility, but also shared important information about HUHIV and the possibility of buying a humanitarian calendar.

The third phase is still active and the highlight is the promotion of the humanitarian calendar I love health. On the day of World AIDS Day, influencers, through their profiles, invited their followers to buy a calendar through the bookstore chain Hoću knjigu, and the promotion is still ongoing.


Through traditional media, 36 publications were published with a potential reach of over 1 million (1.700,000).

85 posts were published on social networks – through the profiles of influencers who were involved in the campaign, other influencers who supported their engagement, and HUHIV’s media.

A potential reach of 465,682 has been achieved through the social networks of 12 influencers who joined the campaign and will grow further.

Also, we achieved the goal of increasing the number of followers on the IG profile @volimzdravlje – the number of followers has increased by 217 since the beginning of the campaign.

As part of the provision of counseling and support services in the protection of external health, 116 counseling sessions were provided through the HUHIV online channel, 225 counseling services by telephone, and 22 live counseling services.


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