How the coronavirus pandemic changed our private and business habits

The situation is getting out of control, according to most respondents

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Written by: Viktorija Stukar

In our last Dialog Vox populi survey, conducted in November, we asked respondents how coronavirus-related measures affected their private and business habits. Whether they think the changes were positive or negative, they all agree that the impact is huge.

Is coronavirus still the most interesting topic?

Only 48% of respondents stated that they still regularly follow the news related to coronavirus, and as many as 76% of them do not believe in the veracity of the information provided to us. A high 78% of respondents are convinced that the situation is not under control.

Although the epidemiological measures have been in place for a long time and we have managed to get used to many of them, more than half of the respondents (58%) feel as if they have been denied some of their basic rights and freedoms.

The majority of respondents (67%) stated that they adhere to the prescribed measures in the same way as at the very beginning of the pandemic and 54% do so only when necessary. Although there is obviously saturation and less people want to read and listen  the news about coronavirus, it is nice to see that we are still looking after each other, so 73% of respondents spend their time only with the narrowest circle of people, and only 28% of them plan some kind of private trip in the near future.

How our habits and business have changed

The prescribed measures had a major impact on the business of 55% of respondents, and significantly reduced the volume of work for as many as 75% of them. Considering the prescribed measures, reduction of workload and work from home, it is not surprising that business habits have changed significantly for the majority of respondents, 65% of them.

As many as 41% of respondents believe that the changes in their business habits, although large, were still positive.

Only 24% of respondents are planning a major investment in the near future, while more than half of respondents (53%) fear for the safety of their workplace.

The source of such reservations and insecurities certainly stems from the fact that a high 93% of respondents expect the same situation to continue next year.


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