How to advertise successfully on social networks

Advertising posts will bring more views, more audience, and therefore more sales. It seems logical, but is it really that simple? Not really.

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Written by: Viktorija Stukar

During the month of August, our #DialogVoxPopuli survey examined how often brands in Croatia are advertised on social networks and what they consider important for their advertising to be successful. One hundred respondents took part in the survey.

The vast majority (82%) continuously advertise their brands on social media, of which one half do so on a daily or weekly basis, and the other half on a monthly basis or less frequently. No matter how often advertising takes place, continuity and agency know-how are important to advertisers.

More than 90% of respondents believe that social media advertising is a useful tool for improving reach, as well as for improving sales.

Advertising posts will bring more views, more audience, and therefore more sales. It seems logical, but is it really that simple? Not really.


Key metrics

When we talk about results, they most often refer to reach and / or engagement. The majority (75%) of respondents voted for engagement as the main indicator of advertising success. On the other hand, in one of the following questions we asked the respondents what is more important in the final calculation of statistics, and here a little more than half (57%) votes for reach. How are such contradictory answers possible?

In order to turn views into reactions, whether it’s a sale or a content consuption itself, we need to engage the audience and direct them to the action we want them to perform. It is not enough just to show the content to them, they need to react to the content. This is why most respondents consider engagement more important than reach. However, it is certain that brands still primarily want reach, mostly ignoring the quality of engagement.


Raising advertising to a higher level

No matter how successful your advertising is at the moment, it can always be even better. The situation, wishes and interests of the audience change from day to day and that is what we have to jump on. Advertising is a dynamic area that does not tolerate monotony and reliance on some long-established strategies.

That is why we were not surprised by the fact that absolutely all our respondents (100%) believe that it is important to set aside enough time to analyze the data after the end of the campaign.

Monthly reports, in addition to showing brands the results and the benefits achieved through advertising, should also serve as a guide for the future. By systematically preparing monthly reports, it is easy to monitor the movement of the audience and the change of its preferences, and accordingly make plans and assessments of further development of pages on social networks. The better the report, the easier it will be to plan future advertising and predict the results more accurately.

All of the above requires continuous and detailed analysis of many factors, which is confirmed by the fact that as many as 91% of respondents believe that the digital team needs a person who will be in charge and focused exclusively on advertising.


85% of respondents believe that the knowledge of advertising specialists needs to be constantly improved, of which 81% practice it through online education, and 19% through offline workshops.


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