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People are increasingly engaging and spending time on social networks following celebrities!

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IAB conducted a survey on 3600 shoppers around the world, who provided their online shopping behaviours related to influencer marketing.

People are increasingly engaging and spending time on social networks following celebrities with whom they identify. Consumer communication with influencers is increasing day by day, with 61% of respondents communicating with influencers at least once a day, while 35% communicate several times a day. It is a surprising fact that men interact more with influencers daily than women.


Where and who to follow?

The most common platform for consumers to follow influencers is Instagram (65%) because it provides a mix of video and image and allows consumer better experience. Facebook and YouTube are second most popular with 62% each. YouTube is the most popular platform used by men to follow their top choice, gaming influencers (64%). Female consumers primarily prefer Instagram (70%), which can deliver a strong experience for beauty and fashion.

The most popular influencer type for consumers to follow are in entertainment (47%), beauty (43%), celebrities (43%) and fashion influencers (39%).


How to find new content?

Although most consumers said that they find new influencers through recommendations from social media platforms (53%), many still utilize referrals from their friends and families (48%), or influencers they already follow (45%). Another method of discovery is giveaways. Based on the survey, 32% consumers said they found a new influencer to follow through a giveaway that invites them to follow the influencer in exchange for a prize.

Thanks to influencers, 41% consumers found out at least one brand or product weekly, and 24% discovers something new daily. Less than 1 % said that they never discovered new brand or product because of influencers. 87% consumers say that they make a purchase based on what they saw from an influencer. This proves not just that influencers are valuable to marketers but how “influential” they actually are for consumers.


Are we buying more on-line thanks to Influencers?

Consumers buy products thanks to influencer releases in enviable quantities, as evidenced by the fact that 4 in 5 respondents buy the product on the recommendation of influencers. These change lead to new opportunities to invest in influencers as a marketing tool.

One of the challenge for marketers and influencers is oversaturation of products.  Because that, consumers are more likely to superficially read the content or even skip it. That’s why influencer need to provide content which is interesting and different than anything else on the market, because 66% of those surveyed will share this type of content. Half of all consumers surveyed say they share content when they think one of their friends will like a brand or product and 29% share content whenever they think a community they’re involved with will find it interesting.

The influencer marketing industry is on track to reach a value of $ 15 billion by 2022, an increase of as much as $ 8 billion from 2019.


Source: IAB


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