Influencer marketing and AI will mark the year 2024

September’s Vox Populi reveals optimism – more investment in public relations, especially influencer marketing and social responsibility.

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Written by: Katarina Peroković

We are back in office after annual leave, and the last quarter of this year is upon us, when the companies intensively prepare marketing and communication plans for the next year. That is why the September #VoxPopuli survey among our followers on social media is dedicated to planning communication activities and predictions for 2024.


The planning is in, and the glass is half full

More than half of our followers on social media who participated in the survey have started preparing marketing and communication plans for 2024. On Instagram, 88% of them are already in the process of preparing plans, while on LinkedIn the situation is quite different, with twice fewer people who have started planning. 78% of survey participants on Instagram believe that their market position has improved this year, and even more, 82% of them, are optimistic about next year as well.

Investments in PR will increase

Two-thirds of participants in the Instagram survey expressed the opinion that their marketing budgets will be the same in the next year. However, the encouraging answers are that no one plans to reduce their marketing budget. Moreover, a third of survey respondents plan to increase their marketing budget. With LinkedIn, the situation is somewhat different, with the same number of survey participants planning the same, higher and lower budgets (33%).

When it comes to the type of ​​investment, the majority of respondents on Instagram plan to increase investment in PR (71%). Also, slightly more than half of the participants forecast an increase in investment in digital communication (57%), compared to the fewer participants that plan to decrease investment.

AI will mark the year 2024

We asked our followers an open-ended question to find out which trend we think will mark the next year. Among the answers, those related to the use of artificial intelligence tools for content creation stand out. Also, the response of one of the followers refers to the desire to return media investment to traditional media, instead of investing in influencer marketing. But the majority of followers, as many as 80% of them, who participated in VoxPopuli poll on Instagram still predict greater investments in influencer marketing in the next year.

An approximately similar number of survey participants predict that their communication with the media will be more intense than this year (56%) and most participants predict greater investments in social responsibility (89%).


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