Influencers in the service of conversions and activism

With bright forecasts for the growth of online shopping, have influencers just become even more relevant or will their profiles soon turn from beautiful shop windows to stores for anything and everything?

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

The global coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the accelerated digitalization. In the dynamic environment of social networks, in these specific circumstances, influencers have further strengthened their position as early adopters when it comes to new technologies and platforms, and trendsetters in content creation.


The growth of social commerce on the wings of influencers

Online shopping is in full bloom and this year an accelerated expansion of online shopping on social networks is expected. Influencers are an important part of this process because through creative and interesting content they motivate the interest of their followers and direct them to specific products, influencing purchasing decisions directly. According to the results of Rakuten Marketing’s global survey on influencers marketing, 87% of survey participants stated that they have been motivated by an influencer to buy a product.

By exploring new platforms and content formats, such as the very short TikTok and Instagram Reels videos, and pushing the boundaries of creativity and quality of content production, influencers represent the perfect bridge between brands and audiences. Facts such as reach and engagement are still important in choosing collaborations, but also conversions and overlapping in brands and influencers values.


Importance of ethics

Awareness about global issues such as the coronavirus pandemic and health preservation, climate change and inequalities in society is constantly growing. At the same time, consumers, especially the younger generations, expect brands to lead the positive change. As many as 68% of GenZennials expect that brands contribute to society, and 61% of them are willing to pay more for a product produced in an ethical and sustainable way. Influencers who share the same values and who are passionate about today’s important issues can be valuable allies in raising awareness of global issues to companies and brands. Whether it is about promoting responsible behaviour, eco-friendly products and services or talking about sensitive issues of inequality of different groups in society, through their own positive example and action, influencers have the power to inspire and move the community to action.

The biggest challenge is to find the right content creators, with consistent communication and a sincere commitment to sensitive issues. Although not negligible, the number of followers and the reach of influencers on this issue are secondary to credibility. On the growing wave of socially responsible campaigns, micro-influencers could also come to the fore, basing their credibility on knowledge of the topic and real action, and at the same time communicating actively with their community which recognizes and values their commitment.

The most important changes and trends in the field of influencers marketing were also discussed at the fifth edition of the DIABLOG conference. In the video, watch a short version of the lecture given by Stephen Farell, Director of Influencer Relations at the London branch of the global network of communication agencies Ketchum, and find out what trends will mark 2021.


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