Is artificial intelligence (AI) going to replace jobs in PR and Digital?

The first autumn Vox Populi reveals a very positive attitude of the business community towards the use of AI in business, with half of the respondents already using AI to create creative concepts. We find out if they feel guilty about it.

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Written by: Katarina Peroković

A lot is talked and written about artificial intelligence or AI, but our impression is that its use in business is still not talked about enough or not talked about openly enough. We were interested in the attitude of our followers on social media towards the use of ChatGPT or other AI chatbots in the workplace, and then the use of AI in public relations and writing content for the web or social media.


The majority of respondents believe that AI will not replace their workplace

The survey showed that almost all of our social media followers have heard of ChatGPT (96%), with over three-quarters of Instagram survey participants already using ChatGPT or another AI chatbot in the workplace. Therefore, it is not surprising that the attitude towards the use of AI at work among survey participants is mostly positive. On LinkedIn, the attitude is extremely positive (72%), while participants on Instagram have a somewhat less positive attitude towards the use of AI at work (52%). At the same time, the majority believes that AI will not replace their workplace (81%).


AI can be useful in communication in a crisis

We continued Vox Populi with questions about the use of AI in PR practice. About half of the survey participants, both on Instagram and LinkedIn, use AI to create creative concepts. There is an equal number of surveyed followers on Instagram who believe that AI can correctly assess the sentiment of media posts, as well as those who do not know whether it can correctly assess sentiment (40%). At the same time, as many as two-thirds of followers believe that AI can be useful in communication in a crisis, and the same number of them believe that AI can help in researching the opinions of the audience.


Can content written using Chat GPT be fun?

At the end of the first fall survey, we gone out with a question about the use of AI in writing content for the web or social media. About half of our followers on Instagram use AI for copywriting. At the same time, 57% of them believe that content on the web or social media written using AI can be entertaining, and exactly half of them believe that such content can encourage a purchase.


Given our impression that the use of AI in the workplace is not openly discussed in our surroundings, we were interested in whether our respondents feel guilty when using ChatGPT in copywriting. It turns out that only a small number of respondents feel guilty, 14% of them on Instagram and 10% on LinkedIn.


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