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By relying on three channels – media and Instagram and TikTok through cooperation with influencers, we presented the new NIVEA Cellular 3 in 1 concealer for the care of the eye area.

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Written by: Nina Marković

For some women, their purse is a vital tool they can’t get through the day without. However, the situation is the same when we talk about its content. The pace of today’s everyday life is lightning fast, and that’s why women are increasingly looking for products that will, above all, be multi functional. A product just like this was presented by NIVEA – Cellular 3 in 1 concealer for the care of the eye area. The campaign communication focus was on three channels – media and Instagram and TikTok via cooperation with influencers.


For good results on social networks, it was important to choose different directions of communication and hit the right trending, which was achieved using:


1. TikTok: through the #whatisinmybag trend, we focused on the format of the product and explained how easy it is to use it in all situations.

2. Instagram: the #concealerlifehacks trend was the perfect choice to highlight the multifunctionality of the product and how we can create a complete make-up look by using it.


We achieved high engagement of followers using entertaining content and giveaways. Eight influencers participated in the campaign: Marco Cuccurin, Marina Mamić, Ivana Mišković, Brita Bobetić, Seka Kožul, Ana Tolj, Marko Tolić and Martina Filić. Martina achieved extraordinary results on her TikTok channel – the video had more than 840 thousand views and the engagement rate was 10% high.


TikTok video from Martina Filić


Uvijek i zauvijek u mojoj torbici ?. @nivea #concealer #nivea #3in1concealer #whatisinmybag #concealerlifehack

♬ original sound – Martina


The results

PR activities resulted in 21 announcements and ROI of 1:3, while the campaign with influencers reached almost 940,000 people and achieved over 1.1 million impressions.


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