Let’s talk about ironing

The idea was to encourage the public to talk about the most busy household chore – IRONING.

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In June 2020, Philips launched a campaign for the Perfect Steam Steam Station. As it was an existing product within the range, we had to create a campaign to remind the media, and thus the public, of Philips steam stations. In order to achieve that, the idea was to encourage the public to talk about the most busy household chore – IRONING.

The main goal set before the agency was to show the advantages of the Perfect Care Elite series of steam stations over the competition. Our task was to propose communication tools which we will use when reaching out to the consumers in order to gain their attention and encourage engagement. The target group were urban women aged 30-45, well-off, whose families have more than three members.


I love ironing team vs I don’t love ironing team

Campaign activities included collaboration with the media and influencers. Collaborations were established with Nevena Rendeli and Jelena Veljača, two famous people who correspond to our target group and who encouraged their followers to talk about ironing on their channels. Nevena and Jelena were divided into two teams (TEAM I DO LIKE vs. I DON’T LIKE TO IRON) and with entertaining content they communicated with their companions and encouraged them to declare which team they belong to, all in order to get the same message – whether you like ironin or you don’t, you will adore Philips steam station because of its top performances.

In addition to communication on social networks, the collaboration was also achieved with the Friday live show hosted by Nevena Rendeli, which is shown on the Miss7 FB channel. During 5 shows, Nevena encouraged guests and viewers to declare which team they belong to, and two people from the team I LOVE and I DON’T LOVE ironing had the opportunity to win steam stations.

We achieved a total of 10 PR articles with a potential reach of 3,996,048, 5 episodes of Friday live with Nevena Rendeli were watched by 197,673 people, and the total reach was 941,290. 3 native articles published on the websites 24sata.hr and Miss7 entitled Which team you belong to, Let’s talk about ironing and Myths about ironing achieved a total of 779,000 clicks on the mentioned pages. Nevena Rendeli’s posts had an average reach of 34,622 people and an engagement of 15,148, while Jelena Veljača’s posts had an average reach of 61,633 people and an engagement of as many as 50,835.


When we see the results, we can conclude that the Croats really like – talk about ironing!


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