“Love happend” with NIVEA Rose Micellair product line

We organized an intimate dinner for influencers where we presented new NIVEA Rose Micellair line of products.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

Our primary goal was to introduce NIVEA Rose Micellair line and while doing that give influencers an unforgettable experience. Our secondary goal was on personal level and it was to strengthen cooperation between brand manager and brand ambassadors with whom we collaborate during the whole year.

For setting off our campaign, on Valentine’s Day we sent pink roses to our influencers, on which were attached specially designed messages in which we pointed out how important it was to find some time for ourselves despite our busy schedule.

We also prepared personalized messages, trendy necklace with initials and a card with a meaning of their name. Also, in their packages, influencers got the whole NIVEA Rose Micellair line and Labello Crayon in red.

We decorated “Hustor Haus”, a restaurant in Zagreb, with flower arrangement from flower shop “Cvit Happens”, and for dinner there were three sequences of meals which were prepared by restaurant’s head chef. Special surprise for influencers was a private concert by popular young singer Matija Cvek who delighted everyone who was there.

We invited 14 influencers to our event and 13 of them showed up. The fact that everyone had a great time was confirmed with 89 story posts on social media which approximated value is over 300 000 kn.


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