Most Croatians work during the annual leave

In our last Vox populi survey we addressed the topic of summer vacations and we compared whether the things have changed from the time before corona-pandemic

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Written by: Sara Huljak

Most of the respondents spend their summer vacation during August, and more than half of them “merging” the holidays, so 57% of them this year combined Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day with the weekend. When asked about the duration of annual leave, the most common answer was 10 to 15 days, but more than half of the respondents (58%) said they were not satisfied with its duration, so we could conclude that they would like to enjoy in a longer annual leave.

 Collective annual leave is not ususal

 When we talk about the type of vacation, 68% of respondents prefer a relaxed vacation over an active one, and even 91% of them prefer a vacation at sea. Only 9% prefers mountains. Also, most respondents prefer private accommodation, where the percentage of 69% is certainly contributed by private holiday homes or cottages. Although traveling abroad is, more than ever, an exotic choice, 21% of respondents said they spent their vacation abroad this year.

 How much do our respondents actually (not) work during the annual leave? The answer to this question brought the result of 66% of respondents who work during vacations, and even more of them (76%) who are in contact with superiors or colleagues from work. Although they like a relaxing holiday, most of them follow the news and are more active on social media than when they are not on vacation. Collective annual leave is not a common type of vacation among our respondents, so 88% do not use it.



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