NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto – new flavors: let them taste it!

Best #agencylife moment is definitely when you’re working with a client you love and you believe in their products.

Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto has been on the top of the market in the capsule coffee segment for many years now, in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Globally, the market price of coffee is rising, which, given the premium positioning of the brand, makes it difficult to attract new customers. With the appearance of new competitors and the intensification of competition activities, there was a need to strengthen brand communication at the regional level to meet market challenges.

So, how do you introduce 4 new coffee flavors to your target (25-35 years old) in the lifestyle and business segment, in the Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian markets, and position NDG as a brand of high quality and superior taste? Let them taste it!

The combination of different communication channels is always a  successful mechanism for launching a new product. The NDG FB site in all markets had better organic reach and engagement in the months during, and after the campaign was ower. We still use influencer and blogger photos for posts on online channels, which continue to deliver great results in all markets.


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