NESCAFÉ Gold Campaign “For moments that matter”

The goal of the campaign was to strengthen the communication of the brand and increase the frequency of drinking new NESCAFÉ Gold coffee.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

The new NESCAFÉ Gold blend is instant coffee made from the finest grains of Arabica, which now has the addition of fried coffee beans, minced 10 times finer to completely release the flavor from the grain. In addition to improved recipes and new packaging, communication has also changed.

The agency’s task was to plan and implement a campaign to introduce the new flavor of NESCAFÉ Gold to key target groups (media and lifestyle bloggers) using all available PR tools and communication channels (digital channels, social networks, influencer marketing, event).

Coffee is a part of everyday life, and the phrase “Let’s Get Coffee” became a synonym for socializing. It has been scientifically proven that good interpersonal relationships keep us healthier and happier. According to some data, over the course of life, an average person meets 80,000 people, and only 190 of them maintain a kind of communication. Consequently, the cornerstone of our idea was to put emotions and lost relationships in the focus of the story, as well as the relationships that have been forgotten. Cooperating with journalists and influencers, we wanted to create an emotional moment, with impressive photos and a warm story interesting content for social networks.

The campaign was divided into three phases and included co-operation with Iva Bele, trainer and mentor of the Principles of Success. The first teaser phase was related to the research on the interpersonal relationships that we have conducted on the NESCAFÉ Facebook page, among journalists and bloggers, and through newsletters among NESCAFÉ employees in Croatia. In just two days, survey questions met 100 people and we came up with relevant data that served us as a basis for continuing the campaign.

In the second phase we organized coffee breaks “For Moments That Worth” to which we invited 10 key lifestyle journalists and 5 lifestyle bloggers. Each invited guest had the chance to come to the event with another person, by their own choice, from their private life or business environment, and with whom he had not found time for sharing and drinking coffee for a long time. The event was held in Zagreb, in Meet Mia, a brunch & cake bar. The interviewees were presented with the results of the survey, had the opportunity to enjoy the new NESCAFÉ Gold coffee, and for their memories was also given the Arabica coffee plant in NESCAFÉ cup.

The last phase of the campaign included PR activation through social media releases, press release, product placement, and media game prizes.

Twenty articles from the event were released in leading and lifestyle media, an event was recorded by the RTL journalist team, whose contribution was broadcast under the “RTL Exclusive” show, and a total of 22 postings were posted on the social networks of bloggers and influencers.


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