Fitness campaign

The main message of the campaign was based on a nutritious and delicious breakfast as the best start to the day.

Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

From June 2019 to January 2020, the world’s largest food company promoted Nestlé FITNESS cereals and cereal bars via Instagram. Some of the products were already available on the Croatian market at the time of launch, while others were just premiered. Six influencer celebrities have been engaged in the campaign to address differently targeted groups of consumers – successful businesswomen, female athletes, female students, housewives, mothers … However, no matter how different they may have been, they all shared a common message – you can be whatever you want.

The main message of the campaign was based on a nutritious and delicious breakfast as the best start to the day, which will fill one with energy to overcome all of life’s challenges. To this end, influencers have been portrayed in a variety of situations and occasions, to demonstrate the ease of consumption of the product and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, in which any potential can be turned into an achievement.

Each influencer had a task to publish once a month a post with a selected photo and message that she would like to convey to current and future fans of Nestlé FITNESS cereals and cereal bars. The influencers were: portal founder Iva Radić Balaban, Olympic, European and world trophy athlete Sandra Perković, radio presenters Ivana Miserić and Tatjana Jurić, journalist and presenter Ana Radišić, and fashion influencer Pamela Smoljanić. The task of the agency was to find and engage the appropriate influencers, other arrangements and moderation of the posts in accordance with the client’s guidelines. The ultimate goal of the whole campaign was to promote targeted products and brand, as well as further promote the image of Nestlé as a company that cares for proper nutrition and an active lifestyle and follows recommendations on reducing sugars, salts and additives from its products. At the conclusion of the campaign, the agency produced a report on the results of the campaign and issued guidelines and recommendations for its continuation into 2020, with some old and some new influencers.

The final results of the campaign are as follows – 32 Instagram posts, a reach of 955,674, an engagement of 72,346. Very few negative comments on influencer posts have been reported, and most comments have confirmed that the promoted products were well received by the target audience. In addition to the December campaign, Nestlé FITNESS cereal bars were sent to the addresses of 20 selected influencers as a small sign of attention during the holiday season.


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