New products with natural ingredients for all cooking lovers

Although the brand MAGGI didn’t use influencers in their promotion campaigns by now, response from the influencers has been excellent which is shown in number of posts.

Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

Nestlé just introduced new products as a part of MAGGI home cooking range, and has once again shown why it’s considered to be the biggest food company in the world. During this time, when taking care of health and eating right holds a top place on people’s priority lists, Nestlé was ready to respond to new trends by offering products with natural ingredients – Magic of flavour (Magija okusa), vegetable seasoning and BIO organic bouillon cubes which will bring new smells and flavours to your favourite dishes.

In Croatia, a campaign was launched through a press release and through sending creative packages to media representatives and influencers. Creative package included a basket with fresh vegetables from a Croatian family farm, Magic of Flavour (Magija okusa) vegetable seasoning, BIO organic bouillon cubes and a recipe which explained how to use said vegetables and products. Every media representative and influencer also received a personalised letter about new MAGGI products and an invitation to cook the meal by following the recipe and then post it on their Instagram profile.

Main goals of the campaign were to present an expanded offer of MAGGI products with natural ingredients and to highlight Nestlé as the world’s biggest food company that follows global trends successfully and then turns them into products wanted by the consumers.

Our task was to think of the communication tools which we were going use to communicate to the consumers in order to gain their attention and encourage engagement. Considering the nature of products, target group covered younger and older people, with an accent on families, housewives and cooking lovers.

Campaign activities included placing press releases and interviews, while following posts about the creative packages by the members of media and influencers.

Although the brand MAGGI didn’t use influencers in their promotion campaigns by now, response from the influencers has been excellent which is shown in number of posts. Creative packages were sent to 22 influencers and 18 of them posted an Instagram story in which they showed the content of the creative package while using labels @nestle and hashtag #MagijaOkusa which was the official hashtag of the campaign. Some of the influencers posted even more content which in the end resulted in 39 posts while potentially reaching 436 000 followers.

A press release based on the advantages of new MAGGI culinary products on the market was released, and also a B2B interview with Renata Matusinović, Business Executive Officer (BEO) Food for Nestlé in South East Market was published in the business newspaper Lider. In total there was 18 posts in the media with the reach of 842.896, while the published interview in the print edition of Lider had a reach of 15.000.


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