The estimated value of influencers marketing for 2021 is $ 13.8 billion

We are forwarding the interview that our Insights and Planning consultant, Nataša Blagojević, gave for Glas Slavonije

What exactly happened on October 4th, and how it may affect the future of social media

The Facebook’s crash and yet another comeback of the Twitter

How much do celebrities truly affect brand value?

The majority of respondents (95%) believe that celebrities can influence the brand value or the brand image, although they are heavy on changing their attitude about them

New activities within the program Do the Right Thing

Protecting children and youth on the internet as part of the sustainable business program Do the Right Thing

What media want?

Five tips for good media collaboration

“Hepatitis can’t wait!”

How we did another educational campaign for the Croatian Association for HIV and viral hepatitis, which emphasized the need to accelerate efforts to eliminate hepatitis

You don’t cut ad spend in a crisis

When financial pressures hit or a brand’s net profit needs boosting, advertising spend is often one of the first budgets to be cut

Most Croatians work during the annual leave

In our last Vox populi survey we addressed the topic of summer vacations and we compared whether the things have changed from the time before corona-pandemic

Without innovation there is no progress

Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Mate Rimac know very well that innovation drives the world. The marketing industry is not vaccinated against them either and the best know that without innovation there is no progress

Hiring Digital Specialist

Join one of the most prominent communication management agencies and become part of our ambitious team