Dialog komunikacije became a “Green office”

Communication Management Agency, Dialog komunikacije, is the first domestic company to operate under the Green Office principles, according to the program of THE GREEN HUB platform.


Here are five simple steps on how to prepare your key PR tool.

How to make money on YouTube

If you’re an advertiser, you’re spending your money on YouTube, or rather, you’re investing in the reach of your audience. However, if you are a content creator, or YouTuber, you can make good money on the same platform.

Corporate activism and society changes

This time, through our Vox populi survey, we wanted to find out the opinions of respondents about corporate activism and its impact on the companies image.

Cooperation between the public and private sector crucial for development of sustainable business

On Thursday, March 25, the fourth #StartDialog panel discussion was held about sustainable business.

Clubhouse – the elitism of the digital age

Clubhouse, a hybrid of podcasts and conferencing tools, is a cleverly designed application based on the user’s voice chat experience.

Three campaigns that changed the world

Although ingenious ads usually need to convince us to buy a certain product, sometimes companies succeed with their messages much more than that and encourage real change.

Six tips for more clicks

Will you read this text if you can learn how to make your newsletter better than just one more boring item on someones unread list of mails?

Why should your CEO get involved on social media right now

Successful CEOs are increasingly recognizing the importance of social media in communicating with a variety of stakeholders.

New habits will follow us even after returning to the offices

This time in the Vox populi survey we were interested in how many employees still work from home and whether some of the communication and time management tools helped them with their work tasks.