Five basic steps to building brand awareness

Brand awareness can be built and spread in many ways, and here’s how you can make your brand recognizable


The most followed and paid Youtubers today are – children!

Kids today make millions on their YouTube channels and have a good time doing so.

DialogMythbuster: if you don’t have at least 100k followers, you have nothing!

The bigger, the better. Is it possible that we are talking like this even after we have been actively using the largest social networks for more than a decade? If you think the answer is no, you are wrong.

Don’t be like Doris

Do you remember the story about the influencer Doris and her desire to collaborate with a restaurant in Poreč that was covered in all media?

How a potentially good party turned into a web redesign

This year we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary. We planned to have a big party as a thank you to all the partners who have been with us for the past two decades, a gold Rolex for our director, but – there came corona! We reduced our appetites, but one thing turned out to be […]

Even fake news won’t stop us to follow (favourite) media

Fake news, click bait, deep fake – in a record time, these terms became part of our everyday life, moving away from phenomenon reserved only for social media.

How to advertise successfully on social networks

Advertising posts will bring more views, more audience, and therefore more sales. It seems logical, but is it really that simple? Not really.

Safety for employees is a priority today

The corona crisis has left a big mark on employees in all industries and triggered a significant wave of change in the business world.

The downfall of the Stop For Hate movement?

The survey found that over 40% of companies did not participate in the boycott of Facebook platforms

Budget Optimization or User Adjustment – that’s the question

Content is often shared on all social networks in the same form, and what do we get out of it?