THE GREEN HUB is launched

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Tips & Tricks: Organizing a contest on social networks

It’s holiday time which means there have never been more contests than there are now. It is possible to win everything from handmade little things, clothes, shoes, techniques to food. And everyone are participating, trying, following instructions and enjoying the anticipation of the winner being announced. But is everything really that simple for the organizers […]

Winners of awards for 2020 announced on DIABLOG

The results of the research showed that content creators earned more this year than last

How the coronavirus pandemic changed our private and business habits

The situation is getting out of control, according to most respondents

Is this year bad or just different?

Contempt towards this year has by this point already been etched into our DNA, but If we look a little closer, we can see that this year has also managed to shake the foundations of all existing paradigms of the digital age.

With moderate optimism in 2021.

The end of the year is the time when business results are added up and plans are made for the next business year. That is probably the only thing that has not changed in 2020 compared to previous years.

Linkedin story

LinkedIn story: Another option that should encourage conversation

LinkedIn story recently appeared on our screens and aroused curiosity so we’ve studied for you how it works, what it offers, and how to make the most of it.

Working from home has a positive effect on most agency people

Exactly half of the respondents stated that working from home is not as efficient as when they are in an agency.


DialogMythbuster: TV is (not) dead, now what?

Total media investment is declining, but investments in TV and digital are growing.


Safety for employees is a priority today

The corona crisis has left a big mark on employees in all industries and triggered a significant wave of change in the business world.