Nivea MicellAIR Expert mini summer festival

We presented a novelty within the Nivea MicellAIR Expert line

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Written by: Viktorija Stukar

With the Nivea MicellAIR Expert peeling campaign, we presented a novelty within the NIVEA MicellAIR EXPERT line: a new facial cleansing gel peeling for flawless preparation of the skin for make-up.

Through three phases, we communicated key messages to the target audience, ie heavy make-up users. That were press releases and a creative press kit, a tailor-made event for influencers and an influencer campaign.

After presenting the novelties to the media in the first phase of the campaign through a creative press kit, we organized a mini event for influencers, strictly according to the rules of the civil headquarters, respecting the prescribed measures on public gatherings. Since all summer events and festivals have been canceled, we organized our own and invited a dozen popular beauty and lifestyle influencers to the mini Nivea MicellAIR Expert  festival on a beautiful rooftop in the center of Zagreb. Make-up artist Clo made sure that all the girls completed the festival look with appropriate make-up, so we presented the new MicellAIR Expert PRE MAKE-UP facial cleansing gel-peeling with music, food and drinks and explained its advantages.

As part of the influencer campaign, we collaborated with beauty influencer Maša Zibar, popular Youtuber and influencer and Marina Mamić influencer who is known for her make up transformations.

The campaign was based on video materials, so Maša filmed how she was preparing for NIVEA gathering and shared her make-up tutorial for the same. She also showed how she prepares her face for make-up with the help of new NIVEA products.

In the second phase, she recorded the popular “Beauty mode challenge”, which was also super accepted by her audience.

Marina recorded the transformation into Billie Elish for her Instagram profile and also showed how she prepares her skin for heavy make-up with Nivea Black Micellair products and how she removes that same make-up.

In total, more than 80 publications were made in the leading lifestyle media and on the social networks of influencers.

As part of the influencer campaign in which Maša Zibar and Marina Mamić participated, we reached almost 135,000 people, collected more than 6,755 likes and 185 comments. The Machine’s videos were viewed a total of 30,500 times while Marina’s one video garnered over 35,000 views. The average engagement of the campaign was 5.90%.


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